The Bible in a Minute

It’s the Bible, super-abridged! Tell the kids they no longer have to go to Sunday School. (Thanks to Ashley for the link!) [Read more...]

British MPs Try to Ban Atheist Bus Ads

The good news is that this doesn’t look like it will get very far. The bad news is that this is actual legislation in Parliament. [Note: It's not legislation. Sorry. It's just a way of MPs to express their opinions. Thanks to those who pointed that out.] Last week, MP Gregory Campbell put on the [Read More...]

Salman Rushdie Reflects on His 20-year-old Fatwa

It’s been almost two decades since author Salman Rushdie was the subject of a death threat from Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini because of the publishing of his book The Satanic Verses. (Valentine’s Day will be the actual anniversary.) He reflects on the fatwa in the latest issue of Newsweek: The Ayatollah is long dead and Rushdie [Read More...]

President Obama: Living Proof that Family Values Without Religion Build Character

In tomorrow’s special Inauguration editions of The Washington Post, the American Humanist Association will be running the following full-page ad: The ad uses Barack Obama’s own words about his Humanist mother to show that you can indeed raise excellent, moral, hard-working children without resorting to religion. “We hear so much these days about how traditional [Read More...]

Kittens are Atheists

I knew it… This does not explain why kittens always try to attack me when they see me. You figure they would like me more… (Thanks to all of you who sent the links!) [Read more...]