Andrew Lovley Explains His Secular Invocation Speech

Back in December, the founder of the Southern Maine Association of Secular Humanists (SMASH), Andrew Lovley, delivered a secular invocation for Tom Coward, the new mayor of South Portland, Maine. There was a little bit of backlash from the secular community — some people objected to the very idea of invocations in the first place [Read More...]

Jesus and Flying Spaghetti Monster, Together

Reader Abigail was cleaning her kitchen yesterday, scrubbing a few stains left by a pot on a white shelf. That’s when she saw it: Jesus! It’s not just Jesus, either. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is there, too. Double whammy! (If you can’t make out that red writing, it says “Noodly Appendage”) Clearly, it’s a sign [Read More...]

What Do Christians Do That Frustrates You?

I know I’ve asked variants of this before, but I’m looking for answers to the following question: What do Christians do or say that frustrates you? A few examples of what I have in mind: Bait-and-switch: Where they become your “friend,” but really, they just want to convert you Not speaking out against other Christians [Read More...]

The Anti-Quiverfull

Godless Girl explains why she doesn’t want to have any kids: I don’t want kids. That’s it. Does she really need more of an explanation? Some people might think so, but GG is comfortable with her decision: I’m delighted with my choice to not have children! I’ll miss out on some great experiences parents have, [Read More...]

My Visit to Los Angeles

I spent the past few days in Los Angeles where I spoke to the Bruin Alliance of Skeptic and Secularists at UCLA. (More after the jump) [Read more...]