Why All the Fascination with the Atheist-Turned-Catholic Blogger?

So I’m sitting in the airport yesterday, heading back from Oklahoma, and CNN is on the TV. I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting to see Leah Libresco getting interviewed, but that’s what I saw when I sat down at my gate: I’m really curious why so many articles about her conversion describe her as “one of [Read More…]

50 Years Ago Today, the Supreme Court Declared That Prayer in Public School was Unconstitutional

At some point today, atheists everywhere ought to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a major Supreme Court decision — Engel v. Vitale — that helped get prayer out of public schools. Back then, a school district in New York had students recite this prayer (voluntarily) at the beginning of each school day: “Almighty God, we [Read More…]

AronRa: Faith is Not a Virtue

AronRa is well known in the YouTube atheist community for his epic anti-Creationist take-downs. Lately, however, he’s decided to go to the root of the problem: faith, or the belief in things without evidence. Ultimately, he says, if we are to succeed as skeptics, and not simply replace religion with hippy-dippy homeopathic “spiritual” gobbledygook, it [Read More…]

The Invisible War: A Documentary on Sexual Assault in the U.S. Military

A new documentary called The Invisible War by Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick has just come out in theaters. The film tackles the issue of sexual assault in the U.S. military, and how it has come to be a systemic concern. Check out the trailer here: From the MSNBC interview with the director and producer: [Read More…]

Why Should We Listen To The Pope?

Need a giggle?  Check out this 2009 video from YoungCatholicMinute.com: Adam is shoving some foodstuffs into the washing machine. Guy B: Adam!  What are you doing? A: I’m trying to wash my groceries, but I think it’s broken! B: Yeah, because you put your groceries in you wa– A: Don’t you try tell me how [Read More…]