Help Out a Secular Adoption Agency

In the wake of civil unions becoming legalized in Illinois, Catholic Charities in various cities have chosen to stop offering adoption services because they don’t want to give any children to gay couples. So what happens to all the kids in their care? They have to go somewhere… The (secular) Youth Service Bureau of Illinois [Read More...]

Help Reddit Atheists Win $50,000 for Awesome Charities

You don’t have to donate any money for this, but a few clicks could help the Reddit Atheists win $50,000 for a variety of charities, including: Secular Student Alliance Doctors without Borders Center for Inquiry Freedom From Religion Foundation Foundation Beyond Belief What do you have to do? Click this EXACT link. Sign up under [Read More...]

Dylan Galos Talks About His Nomadic Billboard

Ashley Paramore has a YouTube interview with Dylan Galos, the atheist whose billboard in Columbus, Ohio has been forced to move twice — it’s currently in its third location. I also had no idea there was a potential racial component to the issue before seeing this. There’s a lesson to be learned from whole controversy: [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Ads Back Up in Kelowna

For months now, there’s been an attempt to get a couple atheist bus ads up in Kelowna, British Columbia. Back in May, they were stolen from the bus yard. The city admitted it had no idea what happened, but the Centre For Inquiry would have to foot the bill for replacements. Well, CFI ponied up [Read More...]

NBC Apologizes Again for Omitting ‘Under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance

A few weeks ago, during the U.S. Open (golf) championship, NBC aired an introduction in which a slightly edited Pledge of Allegiance was said… As you can hear, the phrase “Under God, Indivisible” was omitted. Considering the word “indivisible” was also lost in the shuffle, it sounds to me like an honest mistake and not [Read More...]