How To Speak ‘True-Believer’

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Is It Important to Wait for Marriage Before You Have Sex?

I know your answers to this already, but if you’re an evangelical Christian, the expectation is that you’re abstinent until marriage. In some cases, you may even wait until your wedding day to share your first kiss. Director Matt Barber and his team are trying to tell the story of people who go to these [Read More…]

Last Day to Donate to Jessica Ahlquist Fund

Tonight is it! The scholarship drive for Jessica Ahlquist closes today. After that, I need a week or so to figure out what donations were made directly to the American Humanist Association and what money will be contributed from the Evil Little Thing t-shirt sales, and then I’ll report back how much was raised altogether. [Read More…]

Those Atheists You Hate Aren’t Really All That Bad

Chris Stedman is an atheist. But because he’s more interested in forming alliances with religious people so they can work together toward their common goals and less interested in arguing over their differences (and why they’re wrong), he gets a really bad rap in the atheist community. Chris doesn’t “support” faith, he doesn’t believe faith [Read More…]

After Atheists Put Up Holiday Displays, City May Ban the Practice Altogether

Remember when officials in Santa Monica, California decided to use a lottery to determine who would get to put up a holiday display in the 21 available spots? Atheists won 18 of the spaces (though they only used 3 of them): (I know it looks freaky with the chain-link fencing and all that but that [Read More…]