Now I Understand How Churches Operate…

Just once, It would be incredible to hear a pastor or televangelist say, “You know, we’re ok for now. No need to give to us today. Give it to a good charity instead!” (via David Hayward) [Read more...]

The Arrogance of the Clergy

Pat Condell is back and he releases a lot of pent-up frustration in this video: George Carlin would have been proud. He never was a fan of the clergy, either… [Read more...]

How Our Brain Treats Religious Beliefs and Actual Facts

Sam Harris (yes, that one) and colleagues recently published a paper titled “The Neural Correlates of Religious and Nonreligious Belief.” The main finding is that both factual beliefs and religious beliefs are processed in our brain the same way. Whether we think Xenu brought people to Earth on his spacecraft (a belief) or that 2 [Read More...]

People Who Eat Invisible Food Should Go on a Diet

ZOMGitsCriss responds to her Christian detractors with her usual charm: [Read more...]

2010 Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia

There’s a major atheist conference taking place in Melbourne, Australia next year and tickets are finally on sale. The 2010 Global Atheist Convention will include presentations from people like PZ Myers, Peter Singer, Richard Dawkins, and AC Grayling. It takes place March 12th-14th at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tickets can be bought here. [Read More...]