Why Is Midland, Texas Using $50,000 of Taxpayer Money to Pay for a Christian Concert?

I’m taking off for The Amazing Meeting 9 today, so I can’t dig for more information right now, but can anyone find out why the city of Midland, Texas is using $50,000 of taxpayer money (PDF) to pay for Rock the Desert, an event with a mission “to reach today’s generation through contemporary Christian music [Read More...]

Does This Colander Make My Head Look Fat?

Niko Alm seems thrilled that Austrian officials gave him the green light to wear a colander, the official headwear for Pastafarians, in his driver’s license picture. It’s only fair — they allow for other religious head covering as well: “Today I was able to get my new driving license, and in it you can clearly [Read More...]

FFRF Sues To Prevent Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Prayer Event

Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to hold a giant Prayer-and-Fasting-fest to fix our nation’s problems on August 6th at Reliant Stadium. He’s invited several other governors to join him, though only a couple have accepted. The event is being hosted by the American Family Association, anti-gay organization considered a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty [Read More...]

Help Out a Secular Adoption Agency

In the wake of civil unions becoming legalized in Illinois, Catholic Charities in various cities have chosen to stop offering adoption services because they don’t want to give any children to gay couples. So what happens to all the kids in their care? They have to go somewhere… The (secular) Youth Service Bureau of Illinois [Read More...]

Help Reddit Atheists Win $50,000 for Awesome Charities

You don’t have to donate any money for this, but a few clicks could help the Reddit Atheists win $50,000 for a variety of charities, including: Secular Student Alliance Doctors without Borders Center for Inquiry Freedom From Religion Foundation Foundation Beyond Belief What do you have to do? Click this EXACT link. Sign up under [Read More...]