A Review of The Holy Bible

Robert Brockway at Cracked has an entertaining review of this book he just read. It’s called The Holy Bible: As readers we’re enthralled by the mystic action; wondering exactly what kind of creature this God is, why he has these powers and what on earth he’s going to do with them, and then all of [Read More...]

An Argument Against Camp Quest: It Makes Kids Religious

By Ellie Levenson‘s logic, many atheists spring from fundamentalist religious families. Therefore, if you’re taught fundamentalist atheism (i.e. at Camp Quest UK), you will become religious! So Richard Dawkins’ five-day atheist summer camp in Somerset this week, in which all the children will be taught about rational scepticism, moral philosophy and evolutionary biology, is bound [Read More...]

Indiana Atheist Appears on Fox & Friends

Atheist Eoban Binder appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to talk about the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign’s recent victory! Eoban handled himself well, especially considering I wanted to scream when either Steve Doocy or Pastor Tony Taylor said anything. Recall the ad in question: What was Taylor’s response to it? “I feel it’s an [Read More...]

Fired Over a Cracker?

A few weeks ago, the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal reported that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had pocketed a communion wafer he was offered at a funeral. Video of the incident is below: The video shows him taking the wafer but it doesn’t show what he does with it. Rob Linke and Adam Huras reported the [Read More...]

Why is the (Christian) Jubilee Market Getting $1,000,000 of Taxpayer Money?

This is the Jubilee Market in Chicago (pics courtesy of Rob Sherman): (You can see the fine print on that second pic — “Serving You with the Care of Christ” and “Believe in Jesus Christ and Be Saved… Acts 16:31″) If you look at other pics of the place, it only gets more Jesufied. Not [Read More...]