The Miracle that Wasn’t

This post is courtesy of Ron Gold. Did you hear about little Nadia Bloom, an 11-year-old Florida girl with Asperger’s syndrome who was rescued yesterday after spending four days lost in a swamp? It’s definitely a feel good story, but I don’t see why the guy who found her has to call it a miracle: [Read More...]

Officially Leaving the Catholic Church: The First Attempt

Cynical-C is trying to officially leave the Catholic Church and he’s written a letter to his bishop to put that process in motion: I am writing to inform you of my defection from the Roman Catholic Church. I was born an atheist and then baptized into the Catholic Church as an infant which of course [Read More...]

Well, They Did Say Jesus Was Hung on a Cross…

This painting of a crucified Jesus at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Oklahoma is making some people really upset. I can’t understand why… Artist Janet Jaime modeled the art after the San Damiano Cross: See? Just abs. But that’s not stopping others from seeing what they want to see: Molly Jenkins said she attended [Read More...]

An Atheist’s Memorial Service

My friend Kate Miller recently lost her older brother Matt. He died of cancer at the age of 46. Kate’s family held a memorial service for him and they gave me permission to share the program for the service (PDF). It may be different than other funeral programs you’ve seen because Matt was a Humanist. [Read More...]

Why Atheist Outreach is So Important

There are many reasons it’s so important to have ever-expanding atheist outreach. One of the biggest is that it encourages people to come out of the closet. Reader Melissa sent me this email that I wanted to share: First, I came out to the evangelicals who came to my door last Easter. It was actually [Read More...]