2010 AAI Convention To Be Held in Montreal

Atheist Alliance International is having their 2010 convention from October 1st-3rd in Montreal. Join us in Montreal for AAI’s annual North American convention, “Atheists Without Borders.” This theme expresses our vision of an international movement, going beyond political and cultural borders, uniting atheists and humanists in one virtual nation defined by our commitment to freedom [Read More...]

Hawaii Governor Vetoes Civil Unions

Lately, in large part due to this post, I’ve heard from a couple different Christians who insist that while they may believe that homosexuality is a sin, they do love gay people and they think gay people deserve to be treated equally — the includes the right to marry even if their own church wouldn’t [Read More...]

WorldNetDaily Supports Atheist Billboard Vandalism

The North Carolina Secular Association put up a billboard along the Billy Graham Parkway recently and it was vandalized within a week: The Institute for Creation Research had put out a message that essentially said vandalism is wrong, but they can understand why someone would do it: While vandalism should not be condoned, these recent [Read More...]

If Christians Would Listen, What Would You Say to Them?

***Update***: Bjorn compiled a list of what people are saying about Christians in this thread. It’s not looking so good… … My friend Jim Henderson (he who once bought my soul on eBay) has a new book out called The Outsider Interviews. Jim didn’t ask me to write this (or to promote the book), but [Read More...]

Mike Huckabee on the Vandalized Atheist Billboard

FOX News host and former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was in Charlotte over the weekend and a reporter asked him what he thought of the North Carolina Secular Association billboard that was recently vandalized: Here’s what Huckabee had to say (about a minute into the video): If people want to spend their money to [Read More...]