Comparing Them to Nazis

The Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins would like you to know that she never compared homosexuals to Nazis: Those who made the false claim that I said homosexuals are the moral equivalents of Nazis are either obtuse or dishonest. She would never say such a thing. How dare anyone misquote her. Higgins adds: the only [Read More...]

Parents Still Upset Over a Lapsed Mormon

I got an email recently from “Jen.” Jen’s a smart woman who told her parents she didn’t want to go to church anymore… when she was 8. They made her go, anyway, until she turned 15. That’s when she graduated high school (early) and moved out (there may have been some forging of signatures to [Read More...]

A Strange Fascination for the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum event is over a week away and the publicity is starting. Steve Goble from the Mansfield NewsJournal is fascinated with the museum: Perhaps, like me, you harbor a morbid fascination for the infamous Creation Museum near Cincinnati. … Maybe you’ve even opined that you’d prefer to have your skin peeled off — [Read More...]

Atheist Charity: Food for Banned Books

I love this idea from Joel Guttormson and the Metro State Atheists in Colorado. They’re running a charity event called Food for Freethought 2009. Given the existing goals of Metro State Atheists, it is only natural that we would attempt to help the hungry by promoting freethought, freedom of expression, and free inquiry. With the [Read More...]

Camp Quest UK Gets More Positive Publicity

You can never have too much publicity. A couple more articles on Camp Quest UK are popping up, and they’re finally getting more of the details right (as opposed to last time…). It’s not run by Richard Dawkins. It’s not a camp for “atheist children” (Rather, it’s a camp for children of atheist parents). It’s [Read More...]