Jesus Fries

The scary thing is that the lady appears to be serious: (via The Information Paradox) [tags]atheist, atheism, pareidolia[/tags] [Read more...]

Obama’s Actions vs McCain’s Words

There’s been some horrible flooding recently in the Midwest. How are the presidential candidates responding? Republican John McCain: U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement on the flooding in the Midwest: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by the flooding throughout the Midwest. Cindy and I would like to [Read More...]

Guess Who’s Mad at the Atheist Billboard Now?

Remember the atheist billboard currently up in Philadelphia? Guess who’s complaining about it now? The billboard. Yep. You heard me right… By now, you’ve probably seen, or at least heard, about me — the “Godless” billboard, the one that’s telling drivers that atheism sure is neat-o… He’s not feeling very loved right now. I have [Read More...]

And You Thought God Hated Atheists?

I’m sure He’s even more pissed off at these guys… Old Men Shouldnt Carry Heavy Church Statues Anyone know who that statue is supposed to represent? And isn’t that idolatry…? (Thanks to Mark for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Tulsa Atheists

A simple, to-the-point ad recently ran on a local TV network in Oklahoma: I feel like the WTC background makes a strong point, but generalizes all religions as violent and destructive as fundamentalist Islam. Obviously, not all religions are as bad, though they are all equally untrue. Should the Tulsa Atheist Group get rid of [Read More...]