The Atheist-Only Town of Liberal, Missouri

I don’t remember learning about this in U.S. History… In 1880, a man named George H. Walser bought some land and created an atheists-only haven in Liberal, Missouri. “[He] found a town without a church, [w]here unbelievers could bring up their children without religious training,” and where Christians were not allowed. “His idea was to [Read More...]

A Fundamentalist Discovers Hermaphrodites

Uh-oh. Pastor Deacon Fred just found out that South African runner Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite! He isn’t sure how to handle this: Brothers and Sisters, I saw on Fox News the other day that some secular scientists opened up the tummy of this African gal and found a couple of testicles floating around up [Read More...]

Ten Commandments Tablet Gets Placed in Louisiana Park by Former City Councilman

Check out the new Ten Commandments tablet now up in a Louisiana park: Not so coincidentally, there’s a public high school right across the street from it. Where did it come from? According to The Baton Rouge Advocate, A.T. Furr, a former city councilman — he “paid for the marker and its installation.” Mayor Harold [Read More...]

OKCupid: Mentioning Atheism Leads to Higher Response Rates

Dating website OKCupid ran an analysis of emails sent by people making first-contact with someone else. They wanted to know which words/phrases were more or less likely to generate a response from the other person. (They compared all results to the overall average response rate of 32%.) We analyzed over 500,000 first contacts on our [Read More...]

Homosexuals Are Pred-a-TORs

Jesusophile is back and he’s talking about homosexuality: That ending is a bit awkward, but the beginning is shockingly hilarious (only because you know it’s fiction). Poe strikes again. [Read more...]