The Fighting Illini’s Nathan Scheelhaase Has Crossed the Line

We’ve talked before on Friendly Atheist about Tim Tebow‘s tempting eyes. Seriously, who could resist this face? It makes me want to run out and get (re-) baptized. But once Tebow graduated, the NCAA had to spoil everyone’s proselytizin’ fun by banning messages on eye black, or as it’s called in the official rulebook, “eye [Read More…]

Public School Teacher Boasts About Praying with Students… Then Tries to Hide Her Comments

***Update***: Mattheiss is a staffer at the school and not a teacher. My apologies for the post’s title. Still, that doesn’t take away from anything she writes on the Facebook wall. Staffers, just like teachers, cannot use work time to proselytize. And Mattheiss makes it clear that she’s ignoring that rule completely; she writes that [Read More…]

Cardinal Francis George Compares Gay Pride Parade Participants to KKK Members

The Chicago Gay Pride Parade takes place the last Sunday of June and the route happens to pass by a Catholic church. When you’re in a big city, it’s kind of hard not to pass a church along a large parade route. It’s not like they did it on purpose. But the priest at the [Read More…]

nakedpastor: Bible History

[Read more…]

If a 15-Year-Old Posts a Picture of Her Christmas Present on Reddit…

… can people avoid making sexual remarks about her? [Read more…]