Christian School Fires Teacher for Not Getting Married Quickly Enough

Cathy Samford is a middle school science teacher and volleyball coach. She’s also in a longterm relationship — engaged — and planned to get married last summer, but there were some delays and the wedding didn’t happen as scheduled… Anyway, she’s about to give birth to a child. So her school fired her. “We had [Read More…]

Jessica Ahlquist Gets Nasty Hatemail

I’m only sharing this to show the kind of bullshit that Jessica Ahlquist still has to deal with: The cops will not watch you forever. We will get you good. Tell your little asshole sister to watch her back. There are many of us, “Crusaders,” we have a better pool going to see who gets [Read More…]

New Atheist Banner in Streator, Illinois Goes Up… with a Message to Potential Vandals

Over the weekend, an atheist sign was stolen in Streator, IL: The Freedom From Religion Foundation offered a $1,500 reward for the capture of the perpetrators, but no one has been caught just yet… In the meantime, FFRF has put up another sign in the same location. This time, though, there’s a message for anyone [Read More…]

Speaking in Texas This Saturday

This Saturday, I’ll be giving a talk at the North Texas Secular Student Convention in Frisco. Other speakers include David Fitzgerald, Damon Fowler, LGBT activist Dorian Mooneyham, Sam Singleton, Matt Dillahunty, and JT Eberhard. Could use some more women, but for a student run event, that’s a pretty strong lineup. The tickets are cheap (and [Read More…]

Atheists Raise $40,000 for Charity in Three Months

Foundation Beyond Belief has released its numbers for Quarter 1, 2012 and they are incredible: Atheist members donated over $40,000 to five different organizations (as well as the FBB itself) during the first three months of the year: Our members also supported the work of the Foundation itself through a voluntary distribution totaling $4,485 for [Read More…]