Stephen Colbert : Grizzly Bears :: Atheist : Bananas

The Salon article on the history of bananas takes on so much more meaning when you know the true significance of the fruits — and why we should be afraid of them: … attempts to breed a disease-resistant banana… … The banana men, however, saw themselves not as ruthless corporate overlords but as a force [Read More...]

Expelled‘s Weekend Box Office: Part 2

On Friday, Expelled made $1,200,000. On Saturday, receipts totaled less than $1,000,000. On Sunday, the movie made even less than that. Expelled was the only movie on the weekend box office list to make less money on Saturday than Friday. I’d still like to see the comparison of how much the movie cost to make [Read More...]

Humanist Symposium #18

The Humanist Symposium can be found this week at Spanish Inquisitor. Go read it! The next HS is at Letters From A Broad in three weeks. Submit your entries here! [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

A Humanist Manifesto‘s Diamond Anniversary

May 1st marks the 75th anniversary of A Humanist Manifesto. Fred Edwords, the director of communications for the American Humanist Association, explains its significance (emphasis mine): Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in January, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated as president of the United States in March, Mohandas Gandhi carried out a hunger strike [Read More...]


(via PostSecret) [tags]atheist, atheism, Christian[/tags] [Read more...]