Why Are You Excited About Foundation Beyond Belief?

Foundation Beyond Belief is a charity for atheists (I’m a board member). Our goals are to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanistic generosity and to support a nationwide nonreligious parent education program. We’re putting together a promotional video and could use your help: Make a short video telling why you are excited or intrigued by the [Read More...]

Sedalia Democrat Editorial About the Evolution Band Shirts

I mentioned yesterday a high school band in Sedalia, Missouri that had $700 worth of t-shirts revoked because they featured the “evolution of a trumpet player” and religious parents complained about the “evolution” aspect of it. An editorial in The Sedalia Democrat gets it partly right… We find nothing wrong with the T-shirts and believe [Read More...]

Thoughts from Former Churchgoers

nakedpastor recently spoke to several friends who have left the church. Their statements about church sound like things I’ve heard from a lot of atheists: When they’ve been gone from church for a while and return they are all shocked by the strange lingo that people talk. It is a coded and getto-ized language that [Read More...]

Comic Jim Gaffigan discusses religion

Yesterday, Hemant put up a video of Patton Oswalt doing stand up “Sky Cake”.  I thought it was ok, but I much prefer Jim Gaffigan: “I don’t know much about the bible myself.  I haven’t read it.  ‘Cause I don’t have to.  ‘Cause I’m a Catholic. And to show that Cake is a recurring theme [Read More...]

Help My Friend Win This Contest?

Several weeks ago, I asked readers to help out my friend Kim in a contest in which she was entered: The Cirkus Prinsessan Festival is a competition/showcase in Sweden for female circus artists. They are searching for the “world’s best female performer” and 14 candidates will advance to the finals. 13 chosen by a panel [Read More...]