The Oldest Game of Telephone

Comedian David Cross‘ new standup CD Bigger and Blackerer goes on sale at the end of May. I can’t wait to get it. And by “get it,” I mean download the torrent I would never download a torrent, only watch it through legitimate means. (Though I’d still love to see him perform live!) (via Atheist [Read More...]

Ask Richard: An Atheist Hesitates to Visit a Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Dear Richard, I have been an atheist for several years now. I have three younger children, all under the age of ten. I grew up a fundamentalist Christian in a “spirit filled” evangelical church. Everyone I have ever known was a Christian. I live in a small town and the closest group of atheists is [Read More...]

A Christian Explains Why He Won’t Argue with Atheists Online Anymore

Last year, Christian Nathan Campbell posted a list of “Five things that would make atheists seem nicer” and got properly “pissed on” by PZ. Nathan says he’s been one of those Christians who comments on atheist blogs in order to present an alternative perspective to readers — but now, he’s “on the verge of giving [Read More...]

In Good We Trust

Moscow, Idaho gets all the fun humanist billboards. But this one may be my favorite: “This billboard nicely sums up two of the main messages of the American Humanist Association,” said Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the AHA. “First, that you don’t have to believe in God to be good — in fact, humanists and [Read More...]

Atheist Group Denied Status at Northeastern University

Usually, all you have to do to get a campus group started at any university is fill out some paperwork — identify your officers, get a faculty sponsor, and agree to some basic rules (i.e. you promise not be be discriminatory, you won’t be a hate group, etc). Things like that. You don’t need to [Read More...]