LGBT Political Party Dismissed in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the LGBT community is treated even worse than in America. Not coincidentally, church and state are closely intertwined. Recent case in point: The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Wednesday rejected Ang Ladlad for party-list accreditation on the grounds that the party advocates “sexual immorality” and “immoral doctrines.” Ang Ladlad is an organization [Read More...]

Graffiti on a Boston Atheist Ad

I don’t even understand this recent vandalism of a Boston Coalition of Reason advertisement. They crossed out the “out” in “without” — that’s been done before — but why bother putting the words “Are you” in front? That’s just redundant. (Anyway, the answer is no.) And nice job crossing out the group’s website. Now, no [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Surrounded by Evangelists at Work

Note: To add another layer of anonymity for the letter writer, I have changed his name, as I do for all the writers who sign their letters with their name. I have also altered a few incidental details of his story to make him less identifiable. I’m interested in your opinion on this matter. I [Read More...]

Satire as a Meme Vaccine

This post is by Jesse Galef Sorry for the lack of posting; I’ve been guest-blogging for Daniel Florien at Stop by and say hello! I had a thought I wanted to share. In an earlier post here on FriendlyAtheist, I said that we’re not fighting against religious people, we’re fighting against the harmful memes [Read More...]

The Best Quotation You’ll Hear All Day

Someone at UPI has a sense of humor. When reporting on the threats that resulted in Lamar advertising moving the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason billboard, the article first quotes the CinCoR coordinator: “Everything that has happened shows just how vital our message is,” Shawn Jeffers, co-coordinator for the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason, said. “It proves [Read More...]