Poll Crashing

PZ’s out of town! Someone must direct the atheists to the polls we need to crash! Like this one at MSNBC: So far, we’re losing! Go vote yes! [Read more...]

An Atheist Meets a Theist on the Street…

You’ve heard that setup a number of times. But in Arturo Vivante‘s short story, written just before his death earlier this year and published in the most recent Freethought Today, it’s never been quite so poetic: I was slowly walking down the main street of the Vermont town where I taught when a man aggressively [Read More...]

Site’s Nearly Done

Alright… it looks like the site is nearly finished. Some spacing issues will be worked out, and I’d like to fix/change that picture up top. But what do you think? Is there anything else that needs to be changed? [Read more...]

The Phelpses

Michael Phelps: The greatest Olympian of all time, holder of several world records, on his way to 8 gold medals in swimming in Beijing. Fred Phelps: Notorious fundamentalist Christian, ardent anti-gay advocate, on his way to Westboro Baptist Church’s next protest. Someone had to put them together. No? You can do better. What subtitle should [Read More...]

We’re Not Against Christians; We’re Against Ignorance

Since 2005, the University of California has had to deal with a lawsuit filed by a number of Christian high schools and students. The Christians claimed that the university was “developing and implementing an admissions process that allegedly violates the Free Speech Clause, the Free Exercise Clause, the Establishment Clause, and the Equal Protection Clause.” [Read More...]