Are There Non-Religious Reasons to Oppose Abortion?

That was the topic on the Ask An Atheist podcast this past weekend: A few months ago we put our an open call to our listeners to provide us with non-religious reasons to oppose abortion rights. While some listeners responded with a few arguments they’d encountered, we heard very few atheist abortion opponents. … The [Read More…]

A Transcript of My CNN Interview

It seems like the CNN interview I did on Saturday isn’t online anywhere. Boo… since I haven’t seen it yet and I kind of want to (If you get me a video copy, I’ll give you $9834913123 of Internet money.) But the transcript is online! Anytime there’s a TV interview, facial reactions and tone carry [Read More…]

How Do You Tell Your Parents You Believe in God?

This week’s PostSecret was Father’s Day themed, and I thought I misread this one at first: How do I tell my Dad I believe in God? I guess this isn’t a thing I’ve put much thought into — a theist kid coming out to non-believing parents, but I am sure it happens. If I’m being [Read More…]

Indian Man Beheads Daughter Over Lifestyle

20-year-old Manju Kunwar had been living with her parents in Rajasthan, India for two years, ever since she left her husband. Two weeks ago, she eloped with another man. On Sunday, her father forced her to return home. On Monday, he beheaded her. According to police, her conservative Hindu father , Ogad Singh became increasingly upset because his [Read More…]

They Said ‘Teach the Controversy’…

From today’s Non Sequitur: (via Exploring Our Matrix) [Read more…]