My Favorite Holiday Card

Thanks, Ashley And thank you, His Noodliness, for all you’ve given us this year. Anyone else get any memorable cards this holiday season? [Read more...]

What Are Your 2009 Predictions?

What do you think will be happening in the new year? Take a shot at a prediction. You can’t be any worse than the self-proclaimed professionals: [Read more...]

The Atheist Version of “Yes We Can”

The song Yes We Can spoke about equality for all using the words of Barack Obama. Now, the question is whether atheists are included in that mix. With an invocation and benediction prayer being given at the inauguration (by Pastor Rick Warren and Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, respectively), atheists are saying those who do [Read More...]

Who Was Jesus?

I’m not a Biblical scholar but I know many of you (including Christians) have strong opinions on this issue. Reader Melissa sends this in an email: … I feel as though I am reliving last semester — a period in which I took both Mythology and History at once. During the beginning, due to the [Read More...]

Sign This For Me

I’ve been to a lot of book signings for other authors. Occasionally, you don’t ask the author to sign their book… you bring them something else. It might be funny or an inside joke or something personal. For example, I’ve seen Richard Dawkins sign a banana: I’ve seen the creators of South Park (Trey Parker [Read More...]