Atheist Group’s Flyers Vandalized… with a Bloody Cross

The Kennesaw State University Atheists United group (in Atlanta, Georgia) has a lot of big events coming up. As any group would do, they’re advertising the events via flyers on campus. On Sunday, someone sent a picture of one of the flyers with what appears to be an honest-to-goodness bloody cross on it to the [Read More…]

How Dare You Threaten Me with Your Harmless Opinion?

(In response to this post) [Read more…]

FFRF’s Newest Billboard: Put Women’s Rights Over Bishops’ Wrongs

This is the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s newest billboard in St. Louis, Missouri. Following their previous full-page newspaper ads, the message encourages people to Quit the Church: “Most Americans are not Catholic, yet the Catholic Church wants our civil laws to bend to the will of one church,” noted FFRF Co-President Dan Barker. “The Catholic [Read More…]

Video of My CNN Appearance

There’s video of me and Jesse Galef on CNN! The transcript is here. A few things to note: 1) I didn’t know I was sitting at an angle. Awkward… 2) No one told me about the image behind me. I knew there was a green screen, but I wasn’t expecting that… 3) When I’ve appeared [Read More…]

Englishman Calling Religion a ‘Fairy Tale for Adults’ Could Be Arrested, Say Police

John Richards, a retiree living in Boston (in England), decided to put the following sign on his door: Religions are fairy stories for adults Seems harmless. People display their religious beliefs on their property all the time — a cross in a window, a “god loves you” welcome mat, etc. But, because he’s an atheist, [Read More…]