Go Pre-Order Indexed!

Jessica Hagy‘s book is now available for pre-order! I’m excited. Indexed (the blog) is always thought-provoking and hilarious. And since my birthday is only three days before her February 28th release, it makes your job of buying me a present that much easier. You can check out some of my favorite Indexed cartoons here, here, [Read More...]

I Love Acronyms

The Iowa Atheist Alliance changed its name. The group should now be called “Atheists United for a Rational America.” In other words, A.U.R.A. The tagline: A.U.R.A.: “Nothing mysterious about it!” Cute The group’s website was started by Dr. Lydia Hartunian, the woman behind the Great American God Out. If you’re living in Iowa, keep tabs [Read More...]

He May Be Governor, but He’s No Doctor

For the Asian readers out there… The third comment cracked me up. First Indian-American Governor Elected With his swearing in as governor of Louisiana on Monday, Republican Bobby Jindal became the first Indian-American to head a U.S. state. What do you think? [Read more...]

Atheist Belatedly Wins Cross Case

Before he passed away in 2006, Philip Paulson had fought for 17 years to have the cross on Mount Soledad removed. It’s still there, but the city of San Diego has lost its case in court and must pay Paulson’s lawyer, James McElroy, a settlement of around $750,000. It’s not the $1,400,000 that McElroy wanted, [Read More...]

Church in Trouble for Endorsing… a Democrat?

Usually when you hear about a pastor violating his church’s tax-exempt status by endorsing a candidate, the candidate is conservative, Born-Again, Republican, anti-gay, anti-woman, etc. That’s not always the case, though. Americans United for Separation of Church and State is asking the IRS to look into a church whose pastor recently endorsed Barack Obama: Obama [Read More...]