Should Atheists Vote in the Upcoming Election?

Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, sat out of New Jersey’s primary voting on Super Tuesday. Why? “I didn’t vote because I’m tired of being ignored by the politicians… because I’m an atheist. All of the candidates court the religious voters and ignore me.” She then urges the 11% of non-religious voters to “stay home” [Read More...]

Religious Custodial Disputes

The New York Times reports that “child-custody disputes in which religion is the flash point are increasing” over the past 30 years. In Oregon, a dispute between James Boldt and his former wife, Lia, was recently decided by the State Supreme Court. Mr. Boldt, the custodial parent, converted to Judaism after the divorce and sought [Read More...]

Atheist Kryptonite

I especially like how “Believe in God” is trademarked… (via My Confined Space) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

90 Day Jane Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

I recently wrote about the 90 Day Jane blog. The blog is the (supposed) brainchild of “Jane,” a girl who is going to kill herself in about three months and is counting down the days. A reader created a wonderful response: the 25000 Day Arthur blog. He’s going to kill himself in 25000 days: Day [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #17: Lent

Last week, I ran this contest: Tell us about your new religion. Name, followers, rules, etc. Here are the Top 3 responses (with submitters)! 3| The Second Assembly of Cod Mission: Love and peace to all things fish. Symbol: Darwin Fish Phrase stated upon entering Sacred Area: Holy Mackerel We could print tee-shirts. Oh the [Read More...]