Mennonite Church Hides Girl from Her Family

The 14-year-old daughter of Doug Ramsey disappeared from her Pennsylvania home last December. She was helped in her quest by leaders of a Mennonite church — they say the girl just wanted to practice the faith she had been brainwashed into accepting: Three church members were arrested Wednesday for allegedly concealing the girl from her [Read More...]

Cooking with Christ

I think the “Fun Facts” are my favorite part of the new video from Betty Bowers (America’s Best Christian). Like the one in the frame below: What else would you expect from the founder of Bringing Integrity To Christian Homemakers? [Read more...]

Apologizing for Her Christian Past

Rechelle at My Sister’s Farmhouse recently became an atheist and she’s apologizing for the ways she acted all that time she was a Christian: 1. I apologize to all the homosexuals. I am sorry that I believed in a religion that condemns you. I am sorry that for many years I thought that the bible [Read More...]

Elmhurst City Council Wants to Waste Taxpayer Time By Praying

It hurts that much deeper when it happens in your neck of the woods. The mayor of Elmhurst, Illinois, Pete DiCianni, thinks that each City Council meeting should open with a prayer. “We’ve got a lot of parishes in this community that can be represented,” he said. “We’re doing God’s work up here, and we [Read More...]

Site Updates and the RSS Feed

For those who have been having issues with the site lately: The switch is nearly complete. A new comment system is coming soon (with HTML buttons for easier commenting) Here is the best RSS feed to use for this site. (I know older feed URLs may no longer work, so please double-check!) If the site [Read More...]