A Priest Tells Edward Tarte There’s No Music in Heaven

[Link to video] [Read more…]

In Florida, a Robocall from a Christian Right Organization

This email came in from reader Annie. I’m kind of curious about it myself, so I’m posting her email in full: [Read more…]

Good News for a Pastor-Turned-Atheist

Our friend Jerry DeWitt is the subject of some exciting news! [Read more…]

Mitt Romney Explains How Jesus Won’t Be Making a Comeback in Missouri

Things Mitt Romney doesn’t want to talk about: His taxes (presumably because they make him look bad), his time spent in Bizarro World when his stances were completely different than they are now (in other words, about five minutes ago), and his Mormonism.

That makes this video, taken from a presumably off-air-and-totally-not-videotaped interview with WHO-AM conservative host Jan Mickelson, especially entertaining because Romney talks about Mormon beliefs and we’re all reminded of how completely absurd they are. [Read more…]

Once a Skeptic, Always a Skeptic

Seth Andrews tells a great story of Amanda, an atheist who was raised in a religious home but just asked too many questions[Read more…]