What *Isn’t* Part of the War on Christmas?

Does anyone else feel like the media is drawn to anyone who speaks in favor of atheism this time of year? Every minor dissent is seen as a contribution to the War on Christmas… (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

An Atheist Isn’t Allowed to Marry Anyone — Even in Las Vegas

In order to perform a wedding ceremony in Nevada, as in many other states, you must be part of some congregation. Humanist celebrants in American can get around this by saying they are part of The Humanist Society which has tax status as a religious group. But some atheists don’t want to go that route. [Read More...]

Tree of Knowledge Video Footage

Filmmaker Gregory Walsh shot the following video last week as the Tree of Knowledge went up in Philadelphia. Very well-made, I think. It’s part of his upcoming documentary on atheism. (Walsh also interviewed me for the film a while back.) [Read more...]

South Carolina “I Believe” Plates Halted

South Carolina’s “I Believe” license plates (shown in a mockup above) are not going to issued in the state, thanks to an injunction by a district judge. In a five-page order, [Judge Cameron McGowan] Currie said she issued the injunction because federal courts would likely find the law that created the plates a gross violation [Read More...]

Would You Help Restore a Nativity Scene?

Admit it: for a few minutes when you knew the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s atheist sign in Olympia, Washington was stolen, you were angry. People could disagree with it — maybe even get offended by it — but to the point that they would steal it? How “Christian” of them. Then the sign was recovered [Read More...]