The Need for a Humanist Chaplain at Tufts

Stephen Janick and Alexander Howard have an excellent op-ed in the Tufts Daily about the need for a Humanist chaplain at their school: While [Tufts Freethought Society] services the needs of its current membership through weekly meetings and the sponsorship of lecture series, its club status limits its ability to accommodate the needs of the [Read More...]

What’s Really the Bigger Deal?

Blow up a school for girls? No one pays attention. Burn a Koran? Now, that’s blasphemy. So say Jesus and Mo: It’s true — too many religious people make a way bigger deal about the desecration of holy books and crackers than they do about the desecration of human beings in those religious environments. [Read more...]

Can an Atheist Run for President?

Simone Pathe, a student at Bates College, has a nice article about being an atheist that starts off with a hurtful truth: By publishing this article on the internet I am probably eliminating any shot I ever had at being elected President of the United States. I’m not too concerned because living in the White [Read More...]

Lars Vilks Will Finish His Lecture Next Week

You may remember the name Lars Vilks — he’s the Swedish artist who was at the center of controversy in 2007 because he drew the Islamic prophet Muhammad with a dog’s body. You can read more about those pictures here. A few months ago, Vilks spoke at Uppsala University in Sweden and this is what [Read More...]

Remembering Madalyn Murray O’Hair, 15 Years Later

It was this day 15 years ago when Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the most famous atheist of her time, was murdered by a former employee. It’s hard to find people these days who have anything nice to say about her. For all she did — like getting mandatory prayer out of public school — she was [Read More...]