A Purity Ball

The whole Purity Ball concept frightens me: It just seems wrong for fathers to have this type of command over their daughters… If girls choose to be abstinent? Fine. If they choose to have a sacred-ish ritual over it? Umm… kinda creepy. But to have their fathers swear to protect them from the “evils” of [Read More...]

Why Ellen Was Fired

You want drama? Here’s some drama. American Atheists’ Manager of Office Improvement Projects Arthur Brenner posted a long comment about why (according to him) Ellen Johnson was fired from her position as President of AA. In doing so, he displayed a lot of animosity toward the AA Board of Directors. You can read his post [Read More...]

Pluralistic or Totalitarian?

A couple months ago, I wrote about The Clinton School of Public Service (at the University of Arkansas) and its new publication Frank. In the first issue, Joseph Ballard interviewed Richard Dawkins. That interview is now available on the magazine’s website. Perhaps more interesting is a recent interview with Eboo Patel, founder and executive director [Read More...]


A collection of thoughts/links that I’m just clumping together on account of being tired: According to the list of how people found this website, this is a real Google search that led here (though I don’t show up on the result page at the moment). Quote of the day: “When scientifically investigating the natural world, [Read More...]

That’s It… Nobody’s Getting Married Now

Our friends at Landover Baptist Church cannot stand the abomination that is legal gay marriage in California. They’ve somehow scooped the biggest political blogs out there and obtained a list of the Department of Faith’s proposed Constitutional amendments pertaining to marriage: I believe these amendments, if adopted, would ban every potential marriage in the world. [Read More...]