Atheist Representation on ‘This Week With George Stephanopoulos’

On Sunday’s edition of “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” Susan Jacoby was a panelist to “discuss the role of religion in our civic debates.” (What should’ve been the fastest panel discussion *ever* — “Role?! Why should it have a role?!” — somehow became an actual conversation…)

Jacoby used her time wisely, making a number of points we rarely hear echoed in the mainstream media:

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What Christians Teach Their Children

A couple of years ago, Seth Andrews, The Thinking Atheist, released a video about what Christianity teaches “our youngest and most impressionable.” Now, Andrews has released an updated version of the terrifying video:

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Religion Hurts Humanity: Children Accused of Witchcraft

Regular readers have seen Daniel‘s videos before — he usually makes monthly montages documenting the damage caused by religion.

Now, he’s back with a video focusing on children who have been accused of witchcraft:

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Are You Being Persecuted Because of Your Faith? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Recently, Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, told a British newspaper that Prime Minister David Cameron had no business saying religious leaders should “stand up and oppose aggressive secularization” when a recent poll showed that two-thirds of Christians believe they are part of a “persecuted minority.”

In response, The Daily Mash (A British version of The Onion) created a questionnaire so Brits can find out how persecuted they really are:

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Google Celebrates Easter Sunday with a Doodle of Cesar Chavez… and It’s Not a Big Deal

It’s Easter and Google is celebrating by having a front page doodle of… labor leader Cesar Chavez who would have celebrated his 86th birthday today:

Of course, the right wing mouthpieces are flipping out and tweeting up a storm

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