How You Can Burn the Koran Today

The J-Walk Blog explains it step-by-step: It’s easy. Here’s how to do it in Windows: Go here and download the Holy Quran as a PDF file Locate the PDF file on your computer Select the file and click Burn Insert a CD, when prompted Click OK Wait for the free publicity and inevitable outrage Hmm… [Read More...]

Off to Alabama

I’m off to Mobile, Alabama today to speak at the University of South Alabama! The event will take place at 6:00 p.m. in the USA Humanities Building — Auditorium Room 170. The newspapers haven’t offered much coverage, but I was told someone called the Mobile Press Register to leave them a “Sound Off” message — [Read More...]

50 Atheist Billboards Go Up in Atlanta

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is heading to Atlanta with a bang — they’re putting up 50 billboards in the area for a month: This is the largest single billboard campaign undertaken to date by the Madison, Wis.-based Foundation, which has more than 16,000 nonreligious members nationwide, and more than 270 in Georgia. The Foundation [Read More...]

How Did Christianity Warp Your Sexuality?

William Lobdell, the author of Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America and Found Unexpected Peace, is working on a new project and he could use your help. He is looking to hear stories from people whose “views of sexuality were warped by their Christian faith.” I’m looking for [Read More...]

A Children’s Book for Atheists?

I know we’re not fans of labeling children with any particular religion, but I kinda want to read Crispian Jago‘s story to a little kid… The full story can be read here (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more...]