Camp Quest Featured in The Economist

There’s an almost-accurate and very positive article about Camp Quest in The Economist today. It’s certainly better than the piece of crap in The Sunday Times (UK) last month. Campers are not told that there is no God; only that they should weigh the evidence. They learn about the scientific method… The kids are encouraged [Read More...]

A Minor Leaguer’s Faith Goes Unquestioned

While we’re talking about religious professional athletes and their praising of God, here’s yet another story. This one, from The Columbus Dispatch, is about baseball player Matt LaPorta. LaPorta was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007, traded to the Cleveland Indians in 2008 (with three other players, in exchange for one CC Sabathia), played [Read More...]

Doctors Helping Jehovah’s Witnesses

During my (what the hell was I thinking?) year in medical school, we would often have small group discussions on medical ethics. A scenario would be posed by the doctor leading the group, and we’d discuss possible ways of handling it. Inevitably, we’d get a case where religion clashed with medicine. The classic example: A [Read More...]

Support an Atheist Comedian

Larry Brand (the producer of Assume The Position, with Robert Wuhl) is currently interviewing atheists for an upcoming documentary on the “atheist movement” in America. One of his stops will be at The Hollywood Improv, where atheist comedian Keith Lowell Jensen is performing Thursday night. It would be cool to have like-minded people in the [Read More...]

A Poll on “In God We Trust” at the Capital Visitor Center

As I mentioned earlier, FFRF is suing over the “In God We Trust” plaque being engraved in the new Capitol Visitor Center. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran an absurd letter today by Antonio Fins, a man who wants to see the words engraved into the CVC and who doesn’t even understand the irony of his [Read More...]