Tufts University Debates Fate of Campus Christian Group

A few days ago, I wrote about how the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) group at the University of Buffalo was suspended after forcing their treasurer to resign because he was gay. (They said the homosexuality had nothing to do with it; rather, the issue was that the student no longer believed the Bible was 100% [Read More…]

The Foundation Beyond Belief Just Got a Donation from…

…Michael Moore! (Yep. That one.) He gave us $1,000 the other day at the request of one of his Twitter followers! *Happy dance* What’s that, you say? You’re not a fan? He’s too left-leaning for you? You agree with him in principle, but you think he selectively edits his movies in an unfair way? Fine. [Read More…]

Catholic League Announces ‘Adopt an Atheist’ Campaign

You remember Bill Donohue, right? He’s the president of The Catholic League, an organization seemingly devoted to portraying criticism and satire of Catholic beliefs as discrimination against believers, and demanding proverbial heads on platters for perceived grievances.     As it turns out, he might be better off playing the role of martyr, because mockery [Read More…]

Can You Design a Logo?

JT Eberhard has been working on a campaign for the Secular Student Alliance to help young atheists (and their allies). It’s called the “Secular Safe Zone”: Originally designed for high schools, the program will include online training sessions every month for teachers and other educators who wish to participate. Upon completion of training, these administrators [Read More…]

Today in Irony: A Church Spreads Good Morals by Breaking the Law

Many religious groups don’t seem to get how the system works. It’s really pretty simple. The government doesn’t tax them as long as they stay out of politics. That temptation is hard to resist… In Texas, a church is being investigated for violating Texas’ election laws and possibly the federal tax code. The Texas law [Read More…]