If the Giles County School Board Wants the Ten Commandments, Are They Prepared to Pay?

Remember when school board members in Giles County, Virginia were hearing proposals to include the Ten Commandments as part of a collection of “historical” documents — all in an effort to ram God into the public school district? Well, the school board recently approved the idea 3-2, and the ACLU of Virginia along with the [Read More...]

The Hypocrisy of Ruben Diaz

New York State Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. is the lone Democrat against marriage equality right now. The Village Voice‘s Steven Thrasher just had this jaw-dropping interview with him: All right, let me ask you about this. You believe marriage is between one man and one woman, yes? Yes [laughing] So? Why are you asking me [Read More...]

Thanks the Medical Experts, Not God

6-year-old Cody Grundstrom nearly drowned on Monday: “I tried to hang onto rocks, but the waterfall took me toward it,” recalls Cody, whose cries for help couldn’t be heard over the thundering cascade. “All I could see was green. I closed my eyes, was just lying in the water and waiting. I knew my dad [Read More...]

No More ‘Belief in God’ In School District’s Value Statement

Lake Local Schools in Stark County, Ohio used to have the following values statement: Mission: Providing education to achieve success. Vision: To be the best organization for learning. We Value: Responsibility, honesty, respect, integrity, commitment, belief in God and religious freedom, our community, our partnerships, and every person as a unique individual with the ability [Read More...]

Atheists Gather for Chicago Gay Pride Parade

To anyone in Chicago who might be attending Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade in Boystown, consider meeting up with a group of atheists who are already going to be there! All the information is here. Wear your favorite godless shirt, brings signs of support, and be sure to ask the Christians holding “I’m sorry” signs whether [Read More...]