The Spirit Doesn’t Always Catch You

A year ago, Matthew Lincoln was up at the church altar receiving prayer from a visiting pastor. Normally, there are “catchers” in the area in case you faint, fall, or “feel the Spirit.” But when minister Robert Lavala touched Lincoln’s forehead, Lincoln fell into the arms of… no one. No one caught him. Unless you [Read More...]

Just As I Imagined…

This is what Heaven looks like — “an amusement park that never closes.” Click for a larger image: My favorite part? The Damned Viewer which allows you to check up on everyone you dislike: From Adolf Hitler to your philandering boss to the smug atheist next door, watch all the vile people you hate get [Read More...]

Unexpected Reaction to Atheism

In some cases, you know the reaction to your atheism won’t be very positive. But there are times you don’t expect a reaction at all — When you’re not even telling anyone about your Godlessness. Still, a loose/simple connection to atheism results in an unwarranted remark. Ray Harrington experienced this firsthand. His “crime”? He bought [Read More...]

Oh, That’s Just Scary…

Hey, Google Maps, where can I find a nearby church? (via Reddit) [tags]atheist, atheism, Christian, churches[/tags] [Read more...]

Being the Preacher’s Kid

Kari is a preacher’s daughter. It’s not an easy life, she says. She writes one of the most emotional pieces I’ve ever read on this issue. Give it a read. I promise you won’t stop until you’ve made it all the way through: The thing that makes me most upset about being a preacher’s kid [Read More...]