Haiti, God, Evil, and Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is responding to Christians who are looking in all the wrong places for some sort of supernatural “reason” that the earthquake in Haiti caused so much devastation. Obviously, Pat Robertson isn’t helping any Christian PR campaign, but neither are pastors who say “God did this for a reason”: You nice, middle-of-the-road theologians and [Read More...]

Aliens, Babies, and Chickens

Why? I. Don’t. Know. But I plan to buy several of these and then have my future army of children dance in them. It’ll be beautiful. And possibly NSFW… or queasy eyes. [Read more...]

Ask Richard: Young Atheist Considers Coming Out to His Grandparents

Note: When letter writers sign with their first names instead of a pseudonym or nickname, I randomly change their name for added anonymity. Hey Richard, I’m in the 9th grade and I’ve been reading and commenting on Friendly Atheist for several months. You and I have had some good conversations here. Thank you for taking [Read More...]

Psst… I Think They’re Talking About God…

The Onion talks about religion very subtlely… [Read more...]

Is America a Christian Nation?

President of the Secular Coalition for America Herb Silverman has a piece in the new CQ Researcher (PDF) arguing that America is not a “Christian Nation” (p. 17): America is a Christian nation in the same way it is a white nation. The majority of Americans are white and Christian, but we are not now [Read More...]