A Website About Humanist Chaplaincies

In case you’re curious what Humanist Chaplains are all about, where you can find some, and how you can start a chaplaincy at your school, the American Humanist Association has just launched a new website to answer those questions: Religious chaplaincies are a staple at any university. Often catered to specific religious traditions, they offer [Read More…]

Lucifer’s 2011 Toy Chest

Landover Baptist Church has released its 2011 List of Banned Christmas Toys: My favorite of the bunch: I plan on being sacrilegious and gifting one to myself, though… [Read more…]

New Jersey Nurses Join Ranks of ‘Conscientious Objectors’ Who Refuse to Do Their Jobs

Ten nurses at a New Jersey hospital have filed a lawsuit claiming the hospital’s new policy requires them to assist in performing abortions. They sued under a federal law which prohibits discrimination against any employee for refusing to “perform or assist in the performance of such a procedure or abortion on the grounds that his [Read More…]

SkepticTV Benefit Show Going on Right Now

Right now, the SkepticTV show is hosting a 12-hour benefit show with proceeds going to the Secular Student Alliance. More information is below: Joe Zamecki and Damon Fowler are guests (on the show “Trolling with Logic”), as are several other fantastic skeptics and activists. Tune in, donate to a good cause, and get active! [Read more…]

CNN Reports on Black Atheists in the South

CNN is jumping on the “Black atheists exist!” bandwagon — their angle focuses on black atheists in the South: Benjamin Burchall first realized how different his experience in the South was going to be while looking for something to watch on television on a Sunday night. “I couldn’t find anything on television but religious programming,” [Read More…]