Gotta Love Campus Newspapers

Mainstream newspapers aren’t always friendly to atheists, but college newspaper and campus activists tend to have healthy relationships. At the University of California, Santa Barbara, three atheists have been writing an “Ask the Atheist” column for the Daily Nexus: Atheism is often maligned and misunderstood. In the spirit of openness, this column will attempt to [Read More...]

I Could Use Some Website Help…

Every now and then, there are some issues with this website on the operational end… and I don’t have the skills to take care of it. Maybe a plug-in doesn’t work correctly, or there’s an issue with the server, or MySQL is being weird, or there are error logs that need to be looked at, [Read More...]

Eat the Children First Plate Revoked

You’ve all seen this license plate before: As an atheist, that plate is near and dear to my heart. So you can imagine my sadness at learning that the plate was revoked by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles because a few people found it offensive. The owner of the plate explains what happened: I [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Snags in Planning an Atheist-Catholic Wedding

Hey Richard, I’m a 24 year old Graduate Student who is engaged to a wonderful and beautiful woman. We love each other very much but we are having a difficult time organizing our wedding. I am an Atheist and she is a catholic. I was raised in the Catholic church (which is why I am [Read More...]

Andrew Wakefield’s Autism/Vaccines Study Shown to Be a Hoax

This is a guest post by Jamie Bernstein. Jamie is a graduate student in public policy at the University of Chicago. … For those who have been reading this blog for awhile, you might remember a guest post I wrote back in May where I talked about meeting Andrew Wakefield, getting my picture with him, [Read More...]