Can Tithing Hurt You During a Financial Crisis?

Last week, USA Today ran an article about how some Christians continue to tithe (give 10% of their income to church) despite not being able to pay their mortgage: “I’ve had home owners who face foreclosure sitting in front of me saying, ‘I’ll do anything, anything to keep my home,” said Ozell Brooklin, director of [Read More...]

Charlie’s Playhouse

***Update***: The site will be ready to take orders next week. I’ll repost this when the products are available! Sorry for any confusion. … Last year, I had a chance to meet Kate Miller. She is the woman behind Charlie’s Playhouse, a website which sells Darwin-friendly toys for children. After several months of preparation, the [Read More...]

The Race for Pastor-in-Chief

It is Pulpit Freedom Sunday — a day for pastors to break the law and endorse a candidate. They’re welcome to do so, of course. I’ll be thrilled to see them paying taxes. If they want to remain tax-exempt, though, they should refrain from doing so. And other Christian pastors ought to condemn their colleagues [Read More...]

Congress Takes Time to Support Discriminatory Organization

While Congress was debating what to do with the Wall Street bailouts this week, they took the time to vote on one other piece of legislation dealing with money. Amidst the largest financial crisis in our nation’s history, our senators unanimously passed a bill yesterday supporting an organization that discriminates against atheists and gays. Yesterday, [Read More...]

Join the Blogroll

The blogroll has shrunk. Now it can expand! If you’re interested in joining, please fit these criteria: Write a blog with a religious, non-religious, or scientific bent (and be interesting)! Please make sure you have an RSS feed so I can read your posts through my Blog Reader! If that sentence made no sense to [Read More...]