Repent Amarillo

Holy shit. If you’re an atheist in Amarillo, TX, I’d be scared. There are Christian soldiers out to get you. And they have frightening flash animations on their website. (Thanks to Carmen for the link. I think.) [Read more...]

Upcoming Talks

My Spring Break is next week and I’m going all over the place. More of the talks have been confirmed with details so I wanted to post an update. All readers who come to an event get a free hug! (For everyone else, it’s $2.50.) Confirmed: School Date City Time Location Valencia Community College 03/29/10 [Read More...]

Atheists Aren’t Buried Here

Photographer Jean Lewis is displaying some of her unique work at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln right now. The black and white photographs depict stylized architectural elements in gravestones, cemetery gates and storefront shops. Lewis took the photos during her 20-year career in Nebraska. Specifically, she focuses on the Nebraskan Czech population and [Read More...]

Atheists and Juries: Advice to Lawyers

The American Society of Trial Consultants publishes a journal called The Jury Expert, which features an article about atheists this month (PDF). Douglas L. Keene and Rita R. Handrich write about how lawyers should act when they have atheist clients and when an atheist may be on the jury. They offer a few tips to [Read More...]

James Randi Comes Out

It shouldn’t evoke any big reaction anymore, but it’s a wonderful thing anytime someone feels comfortable enough to come out of the closet. 81-year-old James Randi has done just that today on the JREF blog Swift and on the For Good Reason podcast: Well, here goes. I really resent the term, but I use it [Read More...]