The Anti-Theist To Do List

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Just Say Yes to Bullying?

Why would conservative Christian groups in North Carolina be against a bill that would “require more detailed school policies about bullying” at school, protecting students from abuse and school violence? Take a wild guess. Yep… because gay students would be protected under this bill as well. And we can’t have that now, can we…? Mark [Read More...]

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Friendly Atheist Contest #32: Atheist Motivational Posters Redux

Last week, I ran this contest: It was so successful last time, it’s time to try it again: Create a motivational poster for atheists! Here is the website that allows you to do it. Send your final products to . Here are the Top 10 posters (with submitters) — Click on the images for larger [Read More...]

“Untouchable” Boy Killed Over a Poem

For anyone who doesn’t believe that religion leads to violence, a boy at the bottom of India’s caste system (considered a Dalit, or “untouchable”) was killed by those higher up on the social status ladder. What was his crime? He wrote a love poem to a girl in a higher caste. Surjit Singh was beaten [Read More...]