Be Honest to Godless, Ireland

The Irish Census will take place in April and Atheist Ireland wants atheists to admit they’re not religious when the question comes up: All they’re asking for is some honesty: Atheist Ireland wants to see accurate answers to the question on religion. The last Census showed 3.7 million Roman Catholics (that’s about 87% of the [Read More...]

Why Do Churches Treat People Like Kids?

After hearing a megachurch pastor treat his congregation like “a group of nine-year olds,” popular Christian writer Don Miller discovered that church is not the place to go if you want to hear anything intelligent: To say evangelicals are dumb is to say too much. It’s hard to imagine a greater academic culture than evangelicals [Read More...]

Are They Really the Most Influential Atheists?

There’s been a lot of talk this week about a list of the “25 Most Influential Living Atheists” from To make it on SuperScholar’s list of influential living atheists, an atheist can’t merely disbelieve in God but also must actively encourage others to disbelieve in God… … to make it on our list, an [Read More...]

Illinois Reinstates Mandatory Waste of Time in the Classroom

Apparently, mandatory Silent Reflection and Student Prayer time is coming back to Illinois. Which puts me in an somewhat-awkward position as a high school teacher in Illinois who prefers using class time to teach my students. First, a quick recap of the story: The Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act was approved by Illinois lawmakers [Read More...]

A Picture Needing a Caption

The New Yorker has a weekly caption contest and one of you *has* to win this week! The deadline is Sunday, so think fast. After you submit your caption to them, feel free to share it with us here (Thanks to Jennifer for the link!) [Read more...]