Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Repeal of Religious Exemptions for Child Abuse and Neglect

Madeline Kara Neumann died unnecessarily a couple years ago because her parents prayed for her recovery from ketoacidosis instead of taking her to a doctor. The whole tragedy shed light on the exemptions given to religious parents under Wisconsin law. As it now stands, her parents have to spend a month in jail every year [Read More...]

Latinos Divorcing Catholicism?

Hi everyone, this is Ron Gold. Latino-Americans have traditionally been dependable Catholics, though they are slowly but surely becoming more religiously diverse, as seen below: Notice the number who report no religion has almost doubled from 1990 to 2008, going from 6.4% to 12.4%. This is encouraging, because it shows that cultural influences can drive [Read More...]

Einstein’s God: Can We Reconcile Science and Religion?

Can we reconcile science and religion? The host of American Public Media’s Speaking of Faith, Krista Tippett, believes we can. She calls them both “pursuits of cohesive knowledge and underlying truths” and does not believe they are necessarily in opposition. (Clearly, a view everyone reading this shares…) In her new book, Einstein’s God: Conversations About [Read More...]

What Should Pastors Do When They Don’t Believe What They Preach?

It’s a question that you have to ask anytime you hear pastors say something ridiculous: Do they really believe that? Sadly, the answer is usually yes… but it’s not always the case. Author Daniel Dennett and clinical social worker Linda LaScola have interviewed several current pastors (current!) who have doubts about what they preach: With [Read More...]

A Christian Solution to the Health Care Crisis

Don’t like your current insurance or the proposed government solution to the health care crisis? NPR’s Jeff Brady has a story on what a group of Evangelical Christians are doing about it: pooling their health costs and paying for each other’s health care. James Lansberry, the vice president of Samaritan Ministries, says the concept is [Read More...]