Restoring the Koran

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation plans to run this full-page ad in the Gainesville Sun on Friday, in response to Pastor Terry Jones burning Korans: Well, it’s definitely a gesture of goodwill. I wonder if it’d be more useful, though, to donate a certain amount of money to a non-profit/charity organization for each Koran burned [Read More...]

Is One Really Superior…?

Islam and Christianity are both frightening at times, full of false hope, and capable of even more destruction than they’ve already caused. Mr. Fish draws the truth: It’s incredible to hear some Christians talk about how superior their theology is to that of any other faith… maybe because they sing songs in massive churches and [Read More...]

FFRF Billboard Salutes First Atheist Senator

Oklahoma + FFRF + politics = surefire publicity, right? A new billboard places in Tulsa, Oklahoma yesterday pays tribute to Democrat Thomas Gore, one of the first two Senators from Oklahoma. He served from 1907-1921 and 1931-1937. The idea for the billboard came from FFRF member Bill Dusenberry — he heard about Gore’s atheism while [Read More...]

These Students Are Wonderful

It’s a tragic story, but there’s a glimmer of hope in it. Christine Judd was the dean of students and athletic director at Cathedral High School in Springfield, Massachusetts. She married her female partner over the summer. So the Roman Catholic Diocese forced her to resign. Christine Judd told the diocese this week she had [Read More...]

Oklahoma City Atheist Billboard Gets Publicity

Yesterday, I mentioned that Oklahoma City got a brand new atheist billboard thanks to their local Coalition of Reason: Why put it up? Reaching out to the like-minded isn’t the only goal of the effort. “We also want Oklahomans to know that there are many humanists, agnostics and atheists living here, contributing to the community,” [Read More...]