Johnny Depp is on a Highway to Hell for ‘Jesus Stag Night Club’

Johnny Depp is hell bound, according to the Christian Coalition. His new song with indie band Babybird, “Jesus Stag Night Club,” has the extreme religious group full of righteous indignation. Lee Douglas, spokesman for the religious pressure group The Christian Coalition, lashed Depp for his “blasphemy.” He said: “I’m sure he thinks he’s being very [Read More…]

A New High School Atheist Group in Brooklyn

There’s a new secular group at Midwood High School at Brooklyn College in New York and they recently got coverage in their school newspaper! Hooray! They’re known as the Midwood Freethinkers Club, and their three meetings (thus far) have been characterized as ‘lovely’. Mr. Joseph Peters, the club adviser, said that the goal of the [Read More…]

A Primer on RLUIPA

Gary Mortara, pastor at the Faith Fellowship Church in San Leandro, CA, wanted to move his congregation into a bigger building (PDF). The plans he submitted to the city, though, called for use of a building located in an area of town that was zoned for a job promotion initiative and did not permit religious [Read More…]

The Root Interviews Prominent Black Atheists

The Root, a site with articles from an African-American perspective, is in the middle of a fantastic and fascinating series called “On Black Atheism.” Jenée Desmond-Harris has interviewed several black atheists and their responses are must-reads for everyone interested in how our community can become more inclusive to minorities. Rice University professor Anthony Pinn: TR: [Read More…]

Who Benefits From Posthumous Honors?

On Monday morning, the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Veterans Committee confirmed what Chicago Cubs fans have known for a long time: Ron Santo, legendary third baseman, belongs in Cooperstown. Ronnie was an elite player in his own era, despite a career cut short by juvenile diabetes (for which there were no reliable treatments at the [Read More…]