No Lessons from Fiction

This is a post by Jesse Galef. … Why do we pretend that we can learn some great truth by studying works of fiction?  In school I was always made to analyze and overanalyze novels.  When their elusive meaning was found, it was handed to us as if we should treat it with reverence. I [Read More...]

A Future Atheist Politician’s Dilemma

A reader would like to run for public office, but there’s a major question he’s not sure how to answer. He writes in an email: I live in a very conservative, religious part of the my state and am very active in Democratic Party politics. I am considering running as a Democrat against our incumbent [Read More...]

Parents Who Committed Faith-Based Crime Given Only Light Prison Sentence

We now know how much time you have to spend in jail if you kill your own child: Six months. Last time we heard of the saga of Madeline Kara Neumann — the 11-year-old who died from untreated diabetes, after slipping into a coma, because her parents prayed instead of calling a doctor — both [Read More...]

Salazar v. Buono Oral Arguments

Yesterday, the oral arguments in Salazar v. Buono took place in the Supreme Court. Some background to the case: In the 1930s, the Veterans of Foreign Wars put up a cross in the Mojave National Preserve in California as a war memorial. No other religious group is allowed to put up symbols in the area. [Read More...]

Doomsday Cults That Still Exist

There are several cults in existence which still prophesize the end of the world — in the relatively near future. Maybe others would take them more seriously if they just pushed back their end date a little bit… We’re all going to die in a few billion years, anyway (Thanks to Sami for the link!) [Read more...]