The Lifelong Peacenik

My friend Jeannette Watland was recently featured in the Minnesota Women’s Press and it’s a terrific article. Jeannette is the president of Camp Quest of Minnesota and former president of Minnesota Atheists. Her pleasant demeanor has helped her out in the strangest places, too… Building bridges rather than walls has been rewarding for Watland. She [Read More...]

African American Atheists Featured on NPR

Last week, I mentioned the “largest ever gathering of black atheists.” Now, NPR has a story on the African Americans for Humanism conference in Washington, D.C. featuring CFI’s Norm Allen and The Root’s Jamila Bey. You can listen to the whole piece by going here. [Host Tony Cox:] So, Norm, why is this such an [Read More...]

How Did Greenwood High School’s Graduation Go?

Greenwood High School in Indiana is the place where school officials wanted to inject prayer into the graduation, let students vote on the matter (as if breaking the law is something you can vote on), were told by a judge that was illegal, and finally decided to simply “not screen” the graduation speeches. Last night [Read More...]

Non-Overlapping Magisteria? Not At All.

For anyone who believes that religion and science are separate ways of finding the “truth” and that you can’t apply scientific principles to religious claims, Jesus and Mo point out that religion always seems to have something to say about science…: [Read more...]

Math Teacher Fired for Not Being Catholic Enough

A 27-year-old math teacher just got fired for supposedly being an atheist. (You can bet my eyes widened when I read about that…) But apparently, it’s all ok… because she worked at a Catholic school and they are allowed to do such things. Before you dismiss this story because St. Edmond Catholic School in Iowa [Read More...]