What’s Easier: Being a Mormon or Being Gay?

Seen at PostSecret: I believe everything the card says, and yet, being Mormon seems much more acceptable in society — hell, we have someone who could be president despite it. Plus, while religious groups are slowly becoming more accepting of gay people (not necessarily by choice), the LGBT community has good reason to shun religious [Read More…]

Are They Really ‘Bad Atheists’?

Ian Murphy wrote an article for Alternet about “The 5 Most Awful Atheists.” Here’s a summary of his list: Sam Harris: He thinks religious profiling might have merit and defends torture in some instances. Bill Maher: He’s misogynistic, condescending, and anti-flu-shots. Penn Jillette: He’s a libertarian. Ayaan Hirsi Ali: She’s practices “neoconservative lunacy” and is [Read More…]

Bringing a Speaker to Your Event? Check This List

Ted Cox put together a checklist for Secular Student Alliance groups that invite speakers to their school (but the list applies to any group, really). As someone who’s been to places where some of these items were, um, not followed, I agree wholeheartedly: 6) Pick the right room. Sure, we speakers would love to address [Read More…]

Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Ex-Polygamist Ex-Wife

Joanne Hanks used to be a Mormon as well as one of many wives serving her husband. But she got the hell out of that lifestyle. (Hallelujah!) She tells her story in a new book called “It’s Not About the Sex” My Ass. The first chapter (with possibly NSFW depictions) is below, as is your [Read More…]

Wanna Do Research on the Afterlife? Here, Have $5,000,000

I’m gonna save the Templeton Foundation and Professor John Martin Fischer a lot of time and money: There’s no evidence of an afterlife and no amount of research is going to change that. They won’t listen to me, of course, which is why Fischer just received a $5,000,000 grant (over three years) to study the [Read More…]