Reading Religious Texts for Charity

I *love* this project The Penn State Atheist and Agnostic Association held a fundraiser on Saturday to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. How did group members raise the cash? They read aloud from various religious texts: Including the Bible, the Qur’an, and The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. According to The Daily Collegian: [Read More...]

Things That Makes You Go WTF

Have fun listening to Dr. James David Manning go off on Barack Obama. It’s the most entertaining thing you’ll hear all day… (give it about a minute to get really good): Oh, insane people, how I enjoy your rants… (Thanks to Mick for the link!) [Read more...]

Can “Showing Love” Be a Hate Crime?

The University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics group has a large banner hanging in the Central Academic Building of the school. Displaying a Scarlet A, the group’s name, and the words “Speak Out,” it’s supposed to encourage non-religious students to attend group meetings and perhaps even come out publicly as an atheist. Over the weekend, [Read More...]

Provide a Caption for This Richard Dawkins Image

Richard Dawkins appeared at the Edinburgh Book Festival earlier this year to promote The God Delusion: That picture is too amusing not to have a caption… What is going through Dawkins’ mind…? (via Kenny Maths) [Read more...]

Final thought

Subject: An Editorial on Mormons – Santa Clarita, CA newspaper editor. “I have heard and seen enough! I have lived in the West all my life. I have worked around them. They have worked for me and I for them. When I was young, I dated their daughters. When I got married they came to [Read More...]