Why Do I Love PZ Myers?

Even in the face of death, he takes the time to remind us all not to “waste our time with prayers” for him. Gotta stick to your principles even when things get rough Get well soon, PZ. [Read more...]

Note to Catholic Church: Let Her Go!

Karolina Sygula lives in Toronto and wants the Catholic Church to stop counting her as one of its members… but they refuse to take her off the books: It would be easy to blame various child-abuse scandals within the Church for her decision to leave, but if that were the case, she explained, her inclination [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Atheist Haunted by the Fear of Death

Hey Richard, I have been an Atheist for most if not all of my life. My little sister is one, my mother is probably one, and my father, if religious, has never said a word to me about religion. I grew up in a secular humanist Jewish community, too. The idea of a ‘god’ just [Read More...]

My Talk at the 2010 Secular Student Alliance Conference

The video of my talk from the recent Secular Student Alliance conference is now up on YouTube! I had planned to talk about my confrontations with a Religious Right group last year, but as I say in the beginning of the video, I decided to discard that and focus on how it can be useful [Read More...]

Sam Harris’ Speaking Tour for The Moral Landscape

Sam Harris is making a lot of stops on the coasts this fall during his upcoming book tour for The Moral Landscape. (I see nothing in Chicago. *sniff* I see how it is, Sam. I’ll take the hint.) One of his stops, though, will be an event for my Center for Inquiry DC friends on [Read More...]