And Pete Stark Steps Aside…

Really, Pete Stark? You were arguably the most powerful atheist in the country… and you held the position for only one day?! I expected at least a full week. For shame… We still love you, though. [Read more...]

Baby Skulls Are Inhumane?

Well, I’m shocked. Now I’ll have to sell off my entire collection… (Thanks to Brett for the link!) [Read more...]

What if Your Religious Friend Accepted Your Atheism?

Reader Alise tosses out a hypothetical scenario that I don’t think is very far-fetched: Let’s say you have a religious friend. And the friend completely accept that you’re an atheist. He doesn’t try to convert you or preach to you or debate you. He’s completely fine with your atheism. What does that tell you about [Read More...]

Background Information for the Bible

Reader Haley is 16, attends a high school in the South, and has been an atheist for a few years. She hasn’t read the Bible yet, but she wants to: I’ve read on a few blogs that atheists tend to know more about the Bible than many Christians and I want to be one of [Read More...]

Comment Service Being Changed

***Update***: You may comment now. Old comments will be imported into the system throughout the night! … I would refrain from commenting for a few hours while the site switches over the a new commenting service (Disqus). Things should be back to normal soon! All the previous comments will be back shortly, too, so don’t [Read More...]