How to Respond to the Anti-Gay ‘Day of Dialogue’

Thursday marks the annual anti-gay “Day of Dialogue” in which participants can tell their LGBT classmates why they’re going to hell. It’s the Christian response to Friday’s gay-friendly “Day of Silence.”

This is the card (PDF) participants will be handing out:

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‘Vatican Quest’ Game Depicts Pope Benedict as Pimp for Pedophile Cardinals has created a Vatican-themed video game — try it out here! — that has sparked outrage amongst Spanish Catholics in particular:

Players take on the role of a pixelated pontiff, who bears a distinct resemblance to ex-Pope Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. The Pope leaps to high balconies to retrieve altar boys, then delivers them to shifty-eyed cardinals who disappear with the youngsters into darkened Vatican rooms. To complicate things, the Pope must avoid or attack roving reporters with cameras and microphones, bent on exposing the scandal. If a reporter catches the pontiff with a boy in tow, it’s game over for the Catholic Church.

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High School Student Fights Back Against Abstinence Speaker at Assembly, so the Principal Threatens to Warn Her Future College About Her

It’s incredible that some public high school administrators still haven’t learned how to vet assembly speakers to make sure they’re not spouting religious-based nonsense.

In Charleston, West Virginia, George Washington High School recently brought in Pam Stenzel to speak about the importance of making good decisions.

Unfortunately, in Stenzel’s mind, abstinence is the only good decision when it comes to sex, and anyone who’s had any sort of sexual contact with someone they weren’t married to is going to pay the price for it.

Just check out what she says at the 3:10 mark in her promo video below:

If you have sex outside of one, permanent, monogamous… partner who has only been with you… If you have sex outside of that context, you will pay. No one has ever had more than one partner and not paid.

Bullshit. Sex, by itself, isn’t a bad thing. You have to be emotionally ready for it. You should know how to protect yourself. You should know that abstinence isn’t a dirty word if you choose to stay that way. But having sex doesn’t make you a bad person.

That’s not what Stenzel told the students, though:

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Catholic School Fires Lesbian Teacher, but the Students Are Fighting Back

It’s one of the truisms of Catholic schools: The students are often more compassionate and wise than the adults who are supposed to lead them.

The latest piece of evidence: Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus Ohio recently fired Physical Education department chair Carla Hale. What did she do that was so perverse, so awful, so deplorable?

Well, in an obituary for her mother, Carla was listed as a survivor along with her partner Julie.

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Such Obvious Islamophobia…

This explains the criticism against Sam Harris:

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