Lancaster Mayor Thinks You Can Pray at City Council Meetings

Even people not interested in the law know that the will of the majority does not trump the rights of the minority. Government prayers are no exception. You can’t pray in the name of Jesus or Vishnu or Zeus to open a city council meeting. Yet, Lancaster, California Mayor R. Rex Parris thinks it’s perfectly [Read More...]

The Unlikely Disciple in Paperback

One of the best books I read last year was Kevin Roose‘s The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at America’s Holiest University. It’s the story of an Ivy League student who spends a semester at Jerry Falwell‘s ultra-Christian Liberty University. My review and interview with Kevin can be found here. Recently, I was thrilled to [Read More...]

Register for the 2010 Secular Student Alliance Conference!

The Secular Student Alliance is announcing our 2010 conference in Columbus, Ohio, taking place July 23rd – 25th, and it’s already shaping up to be a fantastic one. To give you a really brief preview, Greta Christina will be the keynote speaker. Jen McCreight and I will be giving talks as well. There will be [Read More...]

Now, We Can All Review Churches

***Update***: The story appeared on the Chicago Tribune’s front page (at the bottom): And if you turn the pages to read the rest of the story…? Freaky, no? The folding of my shirt as I lean over makes my body look oddly-shapen. Oh well. Still kinda cool! … I’ve mentioned ChurchRater before — it’s a [Read More...]

Would You Support a Group Like This?

Here’s a theoretical question that I was discussing with a couple friends recently. We can see both sides of the issue, but we wanted to know how other atheists would react: As an atheist, would you be willing to financially support an efficient and effective charity that is founded and run by a non-dogmatic religious [Read More...]