Contest Ideas

Anyone have suggestions for the next wristband contest? [Read more...]

If You Live in New York and Want to Hear Richard Dawkins…

He’s giving a free lecture at The New York Academy of Sciences this Saturday. Festivities begin at 9:00 a.m. The talk is called “The Purpose of Purpose,” and Dawkins will do a Q&A afterward. You can get the free tickets by RSVP-ing here. (via 3quarksdaily) [tags]atheist, atheism, Richard Dawkins[/tags] [Read more...]

Ben Stein is a Puppet

And in other news, mrhogg made this nifty video: [tags]atheist, atheist[/tags] [Read more...]

But How Biblical is the Divorce?

Kent Gramm was a popular English professor at Wheaton College (a prominent Christian school) for the past twenty years. After thirty years of marriage, he and his wife recently got divorced. He doesn’t want to talk to his bosses about it. Therefore, he can’t work at Wheaton anymore. That’s not a non-sequitur. Though the college [Read More...]

Pat Condell DVD

Sometimes, movies like Expelled get made and can be found in theaters across the country… and you wonder how it didn’t go straight to DVD. Other times, movies go straight to DVD and you wish it could have been seen in theaters everywhere… Hell, yes. Can you imagine three hours of Pat Condell on IMAX? [Read More...]