Do God-Fearing or Godless People Give More to Charity?

Have you donated to Foundation Beyond Belief yet? Here’s some incentive if you haven’t: We have some catching up to do. (Thanks to Kaleena for the link!) [Read more...]

Overhanging Baby Cage

How did they know back in 1934 how my future child’s crib would be built? (via Boing Boing) [Read more...]

Why Do People Leave the Church?

I enjoy reading David Hayward‘s blog because he’s constantly critical of the church and Christian faith he loves. He explains the 10 challenges of religious communities — problems that drive people away from the faith, problems which he is trying to fix in his own church community. I wonder how many of them you’ve experienced [Read More...]

A Failed Attempt to Kill Danish Cartoonist

Kurt Westergaard is the artist who drew the following picture, the most infamous of the “Muhammad cartoons” that led to riots in the Islamic world: On Friday, Westergaard nearly lost his life. … a 28-year-old Somalia man was armed with an ax and a knife when he attempted to enter Kurt Westergaard’s home in Aarhus [Read More...]

Atheist Ireland Tests Ridiculous Irish Blasphemy Law

A few months ago, a new law passed in Ireland that makes blasphemy a crime warranting a fine of €25,000. Atheist Ireland wants to get it repealed and they’re doing it by challenging the law starting on Day 1. We believe in the golden rule: that we have a right to be treated justly, and [Read More...]