What If LA Fitness Shooter George Sodini Were an Atheist…?

Yesterday, a gunman went into an LA Fitness gym in Pittsburgh and ended up killing three women and injuring many more before turning the gun on himself. The man had a grudge against women. He was lonely. He was likely crazy. Was there anything more to it? It turns out George Sodini left us with [Read More...]

The Faith of the Atheist

I was about to go run errands but stupidly decided to check my feed reader first. I came across this video from World Net Daily. Now, I’m too angry to go to Target. There’s something wrong on the Internets and it must be fixed. Here’s Molotov Mitchell (click on the video that says “The faith [Read More...]

Video of Nigerian Atheist Gathering Disrupted By Witchcraft Believers

The other day, I wrote this: Leo Igwe is a Humanist and Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Humanist Movement. He recently returned from a conference run by the British Humanist Association, having also given an interview about superstition in his country to the BBC. He was ready to attend a conference he helped organize on [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Iowa!

The Iowa Atheists & Freethinkers (IAF) and the United Coalition of Reason have put the following ad on the sides of 20 buses in Des Moines: Obviously, it’s reaching out to current atheists rather than tearing down religion. I-A-F spokesperson Lily Kryuchkov says the purpose of the ads is to simply raise awareness of the [Read More...]

“Everything Happens for a Reason”

Just like Sabio, this has happened to me before: a close friend is telling me how she just broke up with a boyfriend, or how she lost her job, or something else really depressing. At some point, she utters: “This is all happening for a reason.” Or: “It’s part of God’s plan.” The polite thing [Read More...]