Questions for Gay Friendly Pastor?

I am conducting an email interview with a female pastor who is also the author of a forthcoming book on reconciling homosexuality with Christianity — in essence, saying that there isn’t any problem being GLBT and Christian. The book is touted as a “A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians.” What questions would [Read More...]

Why Atheism?

Daniel Florien asks a simple question: What made you become an atheist or agnostic? His own story is captivating in itself: I’m Daniel Florien. I was an evangelical Christian for over a decade, completely convinced that God was real and Jesus was alive today. I attended Bible college to train to be a pastor. I [Read More...]

Shun the Non-Believer?

Billy Graham, in his syndicated column, received this question: DEAR DR. GRAHAM: Our 17-year-old daughter says she doesn’t believe in God anymore, and now she even refuses to go to church with us. When we try to talk with her about it we just end up in an argument. What can we do? — Mrs. [Read More...]

Americans United Asks Department of Defense to Investigate Proselytizing Military Base

Earlier this year, I wrote about the “Free Day Away” program at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Here’s what I wrote then: It holds a number of different training programs, including Basic Combat Training (BCT). BCT is the first training where service members are taken from civilian life and trained in basic army actions. Therefore, [Read More...]

Atheist Crusader and Anti-Atheist Bigot Make Peace

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn added one sideline to his piece about Rob Sherman, in reference to his battle with anti-atheist Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis: “I’ve forgiven her completely and I’m always happy to see her at the Capitol,” said Sherman. “I give him a hug, he gives me a hug,” said Davis. “We [Read More...]