One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back

Barry A. Hazle Jr. was in prison for drug possession until February of 2007 when he was paroled. Part of his parole included mandatory attendance at a drug treatment program. That program involved the 12-Step method used most commonly by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Hazle wanted no part of that, so he asked to [Read More...]

A New Religion Atheists May Appreciate

I wonder what this religion’s fundamentalists are like… “The orgasm is God, the orgasm should be worshiped,” [founder Carlos] Bebeacua told the Kvällsposten newspaper. He’s serious. According to Bebeacua, the church has a few hundred followers, and he hopes that registering the Madonna of Orgasm Church will get more people to consider the orgasm as [Read More...]

eHarmony Backlash for Pseudo-Gay-Outreach

eHarmony is finally offering a dating service for gay people — though it’s not part of their flagship site. It’s a separate-but-equal site. They’re getting flak for it, though, from religious conservatives. Like this woman, for example: From: Jan Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 5:34 PM To: [Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder,] Subject: [Read More...]

Terror Texts: A Musical About the Lesser Known Bible Stories

Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa is a Christian school. Earlier this year, they premiered a musical called Terror Texts which re-enacts the lesser-known, more-disturbing, unbelievably grotesque stories from the Bible. This past week was the encore performance of the show. Don’t expect to hear these Bible stories at church. Cannibalism, rape, a bear that [Read More...]

There Probably Isn’t

In response to the Atheist Bus Campaign in Britain, a Christian pastor created There Probably Is — a website which seeks out testimonials from those who have been Saved. In response to that site, an atheist has created a clone site called There Probably Isn’t. Feel free to add your own atheist testimonial! There are [Read More...]