What I Learned at the Creation Museum and the Secular Student Alliance Conference

There are plenty of posts explaining what’s inside the museum and the real science behind all the deceptions. You can read those elsewhere. Outside the science, I managed to come away from the weekend learning quite a bit: Cats that give me allergies are evil. I have been focused too long on atheist license plates [Read More...]

Help the Fresh Air Fund This Month

The Fresh Air Fund offers free summer vacations to children in low-income areas from New York City. It lets them enjoy the countryside and have a positive summer experience. The Fresh Air Fund is still looking for host families to house a child this month. If you live in the Northeast, it’s not too late [Read More...]

God Hates the Creation Museum Atheists

Looks like God is angry with the atheists who visited the Creation Museum: UGH! How dare those stupid bloodsucking atheist bastards even step foot in My Divine Creation Museum?! I should have burned them to a crisp or attacked them with swarms of locusts as soon as they walked through the door. BAH! Tis’ no [Read More...]

Which Side is Susan Hutchison on?

Susan Hutchison is a former news anchor at KIRO-TV in Seattle. There’s some drama in her life, but what’s relevant here is that she’s running for King County executive (similar to a mayor). Mountain Humanist noticed something odd in her bio, though. Since leaving KIRO Hutchison has been very, very busy. She has her own [Read More...]

9-Year-Old Defeats Creation Museum

Alec Burchick must not have visited the Creation Museum. The 9-year-old boy claims to have discovered a spearhead that is 6,000 year old. But that’s unpossible. The world was just created then. No one would’ve been around to create the spearhead, and the “European explorers” the piece refers to would not have existed. We can [Read More...]