Evolution, Illustrated

The first Richard Dawkins book I ever read was The Ancestor’s Tale. (It’s still my favorite by far.) I think I became his fan within the first couple pages. That’s because Dawkins referenced this iconic picture of “evolution in action”: Dawkins wrote about a major flaw with the image. It showed: … man as evolution’s [Read More...]

Correcting the Atheist Myths

Greta Christina says that when Sam Harris wrote about the myths and truths of atheism a couple years ago, he spent a lot of time attacking religion. Don’t get me wrong — I think religion deserves criticism. But here, I think it’s inappropriate. If you’re writing a piece saying, “Here’s who we are and why [Read More...]

Illinois’ Moment of Silence is Back

It used to be the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act — a mandatory moment of silence that was really a way to sneak forced prayer into Illinois public schools. After atheist high school student Dawn Sherman successfully filed a lawsuit against the Act, it was changed to the Student Silent Reflection Act. Not mandatory [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Indiana?

If you’re in the Bloomington, Indiana area and you’d like to see atheist buses in your area, there’s a meeting this Friday night to discuss how to make this happen! … We want to put an slogan that will present the positive face of atheism while encouraging discussion about the topic on public transit. This [Read More...]

Readers and Their Pictures with Celebrities

I asked for your pics with celebrities last week and you responded in droves. (I couldn’t even use all the submissions!) Some of my favorite pics are after the jump. … [Read more...]