What Happens at a Christian Home-Schooling Convention?

When I heard that the Illinois Christian Home Educators‘ annual convention was coming to town, I knew I wanted a first-hand account of what happens there — partly because I’m not Christian, and partly because I teach at a public school. Would it fit my stereotypes or would it defy them? When I saw that [Read More...]

Centre For Inquiry Sneaks Into Peter Popoff ‘Faith-Healing’ Event and Gets Damning Footage

Con artist and “faith healer” Peter Popoff has been debunked by James Randi before: Popoff is one of those guys who disappears for a little while after an incident like that — when he’s called out on his bullshit — and then comes right back to pick up where he left off. (There’s money to [Read More...]

Kate’s Back and She’s Getting Better

Last year, Kate Holden of Cuddly Atheism had a stroke. That’s a scary thing to happen to anyone, but perhaps even more so for Kate because she’s only 30. She just updated her blog with a message indicating she’s back and she’s on the road to recovery — there are some stumbling blocks, of course, [Read More...]

Can We Get a Flying Spaghetti Monster Billboard?

A lot of atheist groups have done it. Religious groups do it all the time. Why not the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Prophet Bobby Henderson is considering putting up a billboard of the FSM! He’s taking submissions right now… paying for it will be Phase 2. My vote currently goes to this one: [Read More...]

We’re Still Unelectable…

A new survey conducted by Pew Research for the People & the Press indicates that 61% of Americans would be less likely to vote for a candidate if that person didn’t believe in a god. Goddammit… Among these options, anyway, that makes us the least electable group of people. Americans are more likely to vote [Read More...]