Bobby Jindal Exorcised Me

You know you want this shirt: Man… remember the time when Bobby Jindal was being considered as John McCain‘s vice-presidential choice? Glad *those* days of a pro-life, Intelligent-Design-endorsing, religious extremist VP are finally over… (via Sepia Mutiny) [Read more...]

Interview at The Atheist Spot

There is now an interview with me posted over at The Atheist Spot! Just wanted to mention it Thanks to Lenny for the opportunity! [Read more...]

A Defense of Penn Jillette’s Recent Column

After Penn Jillette‘s recent article for CNN, I said I disagreed with his views and that not only should we vote (as opposed to sitting out the election like Penn), but we should also support government intervention in some instances. I feel that Democrats would be the lesser of two evils for sure, but a [Read More...]

A Musical Journey from Christianity to Atheism

Matthew Terry is a musician who is about to release an EP under the name Fontaine. One of the songs on that record will soon be released on iTunes — it’s called “This Is Why.” It details Matthew’s personal journey from Christianity to Atheism. You can listen to the song by clicking here and pressing [Read More...]

A Christmas Celebration for Atheists

London skeptics will not be waging any War on Christmas this year. Instead, they’re providing a secular alternative. English comedian Robin Ince is putting together a Christmas celebration… for atheists. The event is titled “Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People.” It’s sure to be a day of positivity: Rather than talking of Jesus’s birth, [Read More...]