Science Teacher John Freshwater Fired

***Update***: It was correctly pointed out to me that the main link for this article is a year old. The information is accurate, but outdated. My fault for thinking it was recent news. Thanks to Ed for letting me know! … John Freshwater is the 8th grade science teacher from Mount Vernon, Ohio who was [Read More...]

Eliminating the Pledge from a School Board Meeting

A parent in the Issaquah School District in King County, Washington requested that the school board eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance from their regular business meetings. “It is inappropriate for the school board to ask atheists to stand and proclaim they are ‘under God,’” said [Matthew] Barry, a self-proclaimed atheist. “Atheists don’t believe in gods, [Read More...]

There is (Probably?) No God

I hear atheists saying both of the following statements and it would be nice to have it cleared up. Which statement should atheists be using? 1. There is probably no god. 2. There is no god. I should note that when I say “probably no god” in #1, I mean any amount less than 100% [Read More...]

FSM Tattoo

Why is this Flying Spaghetti Monster tattoo on a site called “Ugliest Tattoos”? Sacrilege, I tell you. I plan to get an expanded version of this all across my chest one day. Because the ladies will love it. (Thanks to Greta Christina for the link!) [Read more...]

Where Are the Young Atheists?

In February, I’m going to be attending a Christian conference that will probably draw several hundred teenagers — maybe even thousands. At every atheist conferences I’ve ever been to, I’ve been shocked to see anywhere close to 100 students. Why is there such a discrepancy? Yes, there are more of them than there are of [Read More...]