How to Make a Creation Museum Even Worse

What’s worse than a Creation Museum spreading lies? A Traveling Creation Museum spreading lies. The Traveling Creation Museum consists of more than 40 exhibits relating to the six days of creation, the flood, the ice age, cave men, dinosaurs and much more. “It shows how the real scientific and historical information supports the Genesis account [Read More...]

Italian Public School Only Accepts Students After Parents Sign “Statement of Faith”

The Goito City Council in Mantua, Italy has approved a resolution that essentially says if parents want their child accepted into the local public school, they must first sign a statement of faith. The story’s in Italian but here’s a rough translation from one of the new law’s opponents: “We believe it is the first [Read More...]

The Teenager Was Right; the Teacher Was Wrong

In Maryland, a 13-year-old girl didn’t want to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance and her teacher threw a hissy fit. “The teacher in that class began to yell at her, began to shout at her,” said Ajmel Quereshi, the ACLU attorney representing the girl. “Other students began to jump in and mock her [Read More...]

Jesus Needs To Stop Being Everywhere

It freaks people out: (Thanks to Jason for the link!) [Read more...]

Christian Group Gives Aid to Haitians, but Leader Wants Something in Return

One question that atheists often get asked is: Why don’t you support Christian missionaries who help so many people in poverty-stricken countries? It’s certainly wonderful that they have the ability and generosity to do the good work — I wish atheists had more of both — but there’s a reason we don’t like the way [Read More...]