The Blogs We Read

A new paper (PDF) has this to say about the blogs we read: Left wingers read left wing blogs, right wingers read right wing blogs, and very few people read both left wing and right wing blogs. Those few people who read both left wing and right wing blogs are considerably more likely to be [Read More...]


We’ve all heard plenty of examples of pareidolia, where someone “sees” a holy image in a stone slab or a piece of toast. But have you heard examples of ‚Äúparodeities” — “rock songs with lyrics altered to make them Christian” which are not necessarily funny? Daniel Nester, an “aggressively secular” non-religious person went to a [Read More...]

How To Lose a Debate

Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, recently participated in a debate on God’s existence. He does that a lot. He’s well-versed in what he says. So watch what his Christian opponent does in the following (brief) video. We don’t actually get to hear the Christian’s arguments in favor of God’s existence; instead, [Read More...]

The New Zealand Guy Who Sold His Soul

Some guy tries to sell his soul online and, all of a sudden, I get tons of emails… I don’t understand it Anyway, New Zealander Walter Scott tried to sell his soul on TradeMe (a.k.a. an eBay-like website based in New Zealand). The website pulled the auction, saying it was in bad taste. However, local [Read More...]

Children’s Questions About God

For many non-religious people, faith first begins to fade when pastors and parents are unable to answer some basic questions about God. Like: Who created God? or What was God doing before He created humans? Without solid, easy-to-understand responses to these questions, kids begin to understand religion doesn’t really make sense. Herb Silverman, president of [Read More...]