There’s Now a Secular Education Option for Students in Morinville!

Remember Donna Hunter? She was the parent from Morinville (in Alberta, Canada) who was doing everything she could to get at least one secular school in the area to combat the four Catholic schools already there. When I posted about it in April, the school board had rejected her request, but they were “conducting a [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins Responds to a Muslim Intelligent Designer

How I wish I could’ve been at the World Atheist Convention in Dublin, Ireland this weekend… When a Muslim Intelligent Design advocate asked Richard Dawkins if he “could be honest” and admit that even if all the evidence pointed to a designed universe, he would continue to say it came about by “chance,” Dawkins let [Read More...]

That’s One Way to Fix the Problem…

Wanna hear a joke? Homeopathy. (ZING!) (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more...]

Australian Government Wants to Make Discrimination Legal

I don’t know the ins and outs of the Australian government, so this article was a bit confusing to an American like me, but reader Andrew was nice enough to explain a new bill passed by the country’s Parliament: In Australia we have very good anti-discrimination laws which prevent establishments from discriminating against people for [Read More...]

Must Not Tell Anyone About the Free Condoms…

Quick: What’s wrong with this billboard? If you guessed “IT PROMOTES PREMARITAL SEX!” then you win! The billboard, just outside Bryson City, North Carolina, is the focal point of a lot of controversy because of the “FREE Condoms” part of it. [David] Monteith,… a county commissioner, worries the billboard sends the wrong message to kids. [Read More...]