The American Patriot’s Bible

Just in time for the National Day of Prayer, we’re reminded of another national pastime for Christian conservatives: lying. The American Patriot’s Bible is surely a new textbook for homeschooling parents. Because no sane public school district would allow this garbage to infest its young minds. The first mistake is that it implies that patriotism [Read More...]

Should Atheists Parents Stop Their Kids From Mocking Religion?

Here’s an interesting dilemma: Atheists spend a lot of time poking fun at religion and its many irrational beliefs. If you have kids, you want them to be critical thinkers… so what do you do if they end up making fun of the same things you do? Do you let them do it? Or do [Read More...]

Chris Matthews Lets Creationist Tom Tancredo Off the Hook

Chris Matthews, you’ve disappointed me. Yesterday, he brought Republican Congressman Mike Pence on his show to ask how Republicans could be so anti-science when they know so little about it. Pence knew next to nothing about evolution and Matthews delivered an excellent smackdown. Today, to continue the same discussion, Matthews had on former Republican Congressman [Read More...]


This is a new low for pareidolia fans. Now, we’re not even trying. Nancy Simoes was cooking fried salami when she saw God in the skillet. Let it out. You know you want to. Tell everyone you know to leave the room and then swear at the top of your lungs. I just did. Simoes [Read More...]

Why Are Atheists Less Intelligent Than Christians?

Because God = Scissors. Your favorite Poe explains it all: (via Jesusophile) [Read more...]