Test Your God Logic

Whether you’re an atheist or not, does your thinking make sense when it comes to questions of religion? Take this short test and find out if there are any holes in your logic! No cheating. Tell us how many hits you took and how many bullets you bit! (Thanks to Linda for the link!) [tags]atheist, [Read More...]

Dawn Sherman Featured in the Chicago Tribune

Imagine the pleasant surprise I had today when I opened up the Chicago Tribune and saw the following teaser on the upper left hand side of the paper (click to enlarge): So I open up the Tempo (a.k.a. features) section and see Dawn Sherman‘s picture taking up nearly the entire page! Dawn is, of course, [Read More...]

Survey Says Christians Are Annoying

A new study of people who do not regularly attend church by LifeWay Research, “the research arm of the Southern Baptist Convention,” shows us the following: 44% agree with the statement “Christians get on my nerves.” 72% agree that the church is “full of hypocrites.” 61% say the God of the Bible is “no different [Read More...]

Where Can Children of Atheist Parents Socialize?

Blog reader Tamy makes these comments (via email): We need more places that kids can got to socialize and NOT in churches. I feel compelled, because of my two children, to start a group that lets kids form relationships and discussion groups with their peers without the pressure of god. Does anything like this exist [Read More...]

Christian Miraculously Survives Dinner with Atheists

Ray Comfort took the Orange County Atheists up on an offer to join them for dinner. From the way Ray describes it, it’s like he wants to be praised for simply accepting the invitation and coming out of the IHOP (referred to as the “International House of Prayer” — zing!) without any visible bruises: I [Read More...]