A Better Debate Than We’ll See All Month

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly met for a debate far better than the ones we see in the Presidential campaign [Read more…]

Don’t Just Cut off the Head of the Monster

It’s not enough for atheists to not believe in God. That’s only step one. But where do we go from there? [Read more…]

His Parents Aren’t Thrilled, but This Atheist’s Making a Difference on Campus

Even though this atheist group leader’s parents aren’t happy about his lack of religious belief, Walter Petit is making a difference for other atheists on campus. [Read more…]

Well, If There’s a Party…

Alright, which one of you sent this in to PostSecret? [Read more…]

The Effectiveness of Local Atheist Billboards

This weekend, I’m off to the Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting. It’s a brief visit, but I’m excited to talk about what campus atheist groups are up to. I’m also curious to find out how many people are attending because of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition‘s billboard, which has gotten a lot of great coverage. [Read More…]