Ask Richard: Religious Blackmail Part 2 of 2: Financial

“He who complies against his will Is of his own opinion still.” ~Samuel Butler (1612-1680) Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Richard, I know you get a lot of emails about people having difficulty reconciling their atheism and their parents, but I need your advice. My family is heavily religious (Christian) [Read More...]

A Way To Stop Government Nativity Scenes?

Brookville, Indiana residents want to keep a nativity scene on government property. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Franklin County commissioners and the Brookville Town Council demanding the removal of the scene from the courthouse lawn. The group said that the display violates the First Amendment and said it had received a [Read More...]

Cross-Branding Science Teacher Finally Settles Case

A couple months ago, I wrote this: It’s been a while since I’ve written about John Freshwater, the middle school science teacher who was accused of burning crosses into his students’ arms and teaching Creationism. Since his firing in 2008, he’s been on “unpaid administrative leave pending an appeal.” At the time, Freshwater dropped the [Read More...]

The Gay President of a Christian Athletes Group

From PostSecret: What would they do? Kick him out of his leadership position. Try to cure him of The Gay. Make him feel guilty for who he is. What wouldn’t they do? Love him and accept him as he is. I don’t know how any GLBT person (or straight ally) can support evangelical Christianity. The [Read More...]

Help Reddit Atheists Raise Money for Doctors Without Borders

The Atheism subReddit has taken up the cause to raise $42,000 for Doctors without Borders — the amount is an homage to Douglas Adams. This is a friendly competition with the members of the Christianity subReddit, who are donating to the World Vision Clean Water Fund. Much like with Kiva, we’re crushing them with our [Read More...]