Ask Richard: My Friend is Considering Becoming a Priest

Greetings Richard, My name is Sophie Francoeur (an alias) and I felt inspired to write to you because of your quality responses that appear on Mehta’s blog. I am writing concerning a friend who is debating whether to join the priesthood. My friend and I have long decided that we would pursue doctoral studies, which [Read More...]

Becoming an Atheist While in a Foxhole

84-year-old Milton Christian received a Bronze Star on Tuesday for his “heroic service” in World War II. It’s a belated honor, but a well-deserved one: From 1943 to 1946 Christian served as a machine gunner with the 29th Infantry Division. He doesn’t consider himself a hero, although his collection of medals tells another story — [Read More...]

Should Humanists Deliver Invocations?

At the Secular Student Alliance website, Andrew Lovley (who delivered a secular message at an inauguration ceremony a couple months ago) argues that Humanists should continue to deliver invocations: Invocations delivered by humanists could stand out from most religious invocations by emphasizing human potential rather than human abasement. The standard religious invocation calls upon a [Read More...]

What Are Notable Atheists Saying About the Tebow Super Bowl Ad?

A few notable atheists are commenting on the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad at the On Faith blog. Richard Dawkins makes me squirm with the start of his piece, but it gets better if you read the rest of it: I gather that Tim Tebow is extremely good at football. That’s just as well, for [Read More...]

The 2010 Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism Goes to…

The “Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism” is given out by the Harvard Secular Society on behalf of the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard and the American Humanist Association. The first year, the award went to Salman Rushdie. The second award went to lead singer of Bad Religion, Greg Graffin. Last year, it was Joss [Read More...]