“Enjoy Life” Billboard Goes up in Watertown, Wisconsin

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is on a billboard frenzy this week. Just days after announcing 20 new billboards in Florida, they’re putting another one up — a brand new one — in Watertown, Wisconsin. It’s paid for by an unnamed benefactor. The Lifetime Foundation member, who is elderly and prefers not to be publicly [Read More...]

Interview with Last Comic Standing‘s Myq Kaplan

Myq Kaplan is one clever, funny dude. He finished 5th in the season finale of Last Comic Standing earlier this week. If you need any proof of his appeal to atheists and science/math geeks everywhere, just take a look at these two clips of him in action: Jokes.com [Read more...]

How Many Spies *Were* There at the AFTAH Anti-Gay-Rights Academy?

I sent two. Truth Wins Out sent one (who got short audio recordings). Gapers Block sent one. How many people were actually attending the conference? (Reader Matt sent me this seemingly-appropriate Onion link ) Our next job should totally be to get a speaker on the AFTAH roster… it shouldn’t be hard to do. Just [Read More...]

The Pope Did What?!

In December of 2009, Bishops Raymond Field and Eamonn Walsh resigned from their positions. They didn’t molest little children themselves, but they never pursued allegations of sexual abuse. So they were complicit in the Catholic Church sex scandal Anyway, they’re gone, so good riddance, right? “Following the presentation of their resignations to Pope Benedict, it [Read More...]

We End Up in the Same Spot

Atheists know this already, but it might not be as clear cut for a lot of Christians. At least David Hayward understands the obvious: Beyond the grave, though, our ideas diverge. David’s a Christian and he adds: I know what happens after that is where the guns start firing. And, for the record, I don’t [Read More...]