Skepticon IV Approaches and a Billboard Goes Up

In anticipation of this weekend’s Skepticon IV in Springfield, Missouri, the Ozarks Area Coalition of Reason have put up a billboard for the closeted atheists out there — thanks to $5,000 in funding from the United Coalition of Reason: “We hope that folks will realize we are a regular part of the community,” said Steven [Read More…]

The Ten Point Vision for a Secular America

If you haven’t heard Sean Faircloth speak, you’re about to get a treat. Sean was the “opening act” on Richard Dawkins‘ recent book tour and in the video below Sean shares his “Ten Point Vision of a Secular America.” The list begins at the 12:40 mark: He elaborates on these points in his new book [Read More…]

I Thought They Met on Sunday Mornings…

My friend Jeannette spotted an interesting church sign in Bedford, Virginia on the way to work this morning. It speaks for itself… [Read more…]

‘In God We Trust’ May Become a Permanent Part of Georgia License Plates

Remember when the state of Georgia accidentally put “In God We Trust” on certain license plates and then included them in the lineup during a vote? They had to conduct a revote because the motto wasn’t actually included on the plates — it was just an optional $1 tag you could put on your own [Read More…]

New Research Says Anti-Atheist Prejudice Stems from Distrust

We know people don’t like atheists. Researchers at the University of Minnesota told us in 2006 (PDF) that “atheists are less likely to be accepted, publicly and privately, than any others from a long list of ethnic, religious, and other minority groups.” But why is that the case? University of British Columbia psychologist Will Gervais [Read More…]