In Arizona, the Bible Will Be Taught in Public Schools

In the video below, The Young Turks dissect the recent Arizona bill that would allow the Bible to be taught in public schools as an elective. Sounds legal and harmless — and it can be in some cases — but depending on who’s teaching it and how it’s being taught, it could also be a [Read More…]

At Global Atheist Convention, Islamic Protesters Have No Power

During the Global Atheist Convention in Australia this week, there were a handful of Islamic demonstrators: Obviously, I wasn’t there and I don’t know what happened beyond what you see in that clip. But I think there’s still something to learn from it. I love that it looks to be a completely peaceful demonstration (perhaps [Read More…]

Oklahoma Freethought Convention Will Take Place in June

The Oklahoma Freethought Convention is taking place on June 23rd at the Tulsa Convention Center Assembly Hall and, after watching The Thinking Atheist‘s promo video, I’m getting excited about it already: An event like this takes a lot of time, effort, and money to run smoothly, so if you’d like to donate something to help [Read More…]

Army Plans New Ultra-Conservative Appearance Policies

The Army is planning some new ultra-conservative appearance regulations that might have more to do with traditional values than the needs of the Army. There are approximately 17 proposed changes that will severely limit tattoos, nail polish, and facial-hair regulations, even during off-duty time. Changes may have the effect of increasing pressure on gay and [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins Will Be Honored for His ‘Services to Humanism’

Richard Dawkins will receive the 2012 “Services to Humanism” award from the British Humanist Association: BHA Chief Executive Andrew Copson said, ‘Richard Dawkins is known for his brilliant and accessible writing on science and evolution and for his consistent and courageous defence of truth, science, and scientific method against superstition and unreason. His clear and [Read More…]