The Best Offense is a Good Defense

The Centre for Inquiry Canada’s “Extraordinary Claims” campaign featuring bus ads and in-person educational events is now underway: National Post columnist Kelly McParland doesn’t get the campaign at all: So why does he care if people believe in God, Allah or the tooth fairy? Atheists are defined by their disbelief. i.e. the biggest thing in [Read More...]

So Long, Anti-Gay Christian ‘Values’

You may have heard the awful story about how Belmont University fired the women’s soccer coach, Lisa Howe, because she is expecting a child… with her same-sex partner. The best commentary I’ve read about it comes from Christy Frink, a social worker in Nashville. In her life, she has gone from Southern Baptist to Focus [Read More...]

Cherokee County School District’s Graduation Shouldn’t Be in a Church

The Cherokee County School District in Georgia thinks it’s a good idea to have graduation in the First Baptist Church of Woodstock. Not because it’s a religious place, of course. No, no, no… it’s tradition. They’ve done it since 2005. So they have to keep doing it, see?! (By the way, just ignore the massive [Read More...]


It’s a year away from being published, but I’m already excited about former Daily Show executive producer David Javerbaum‘s upcoming book (PDF): … David Javerbaum’s untitled book… will be published as the memoir of God, “Supreme Being, wellspring of existence, quintessence of glory, and source of everlasting life“… for publication in late 2011… The idea [Read More...]

G6 Christ…

***Update***: The Jesus version of the song was made by a comedy troupe called Totally Sketch, not a Christian one as I implied below. My mistake. But would you really have been that surprised if Christians made the Jesus version…? … The band Far East Movement recently had a hit song called “Like a G6.” [Read More...]