An Introduction to the British Humanist Association

Over the summer, the British Humanist Association released a video that was an Introduction to Humanism featuring several prominent Humanists… [Read more…]

The Daily Show Covers FOX News Covering the ‘War on Christmas’

In case you missed it last night, Jon Stewart covered FOX News Channel’s coverage of the “War on Christmas” (and Dave Silverman‘s exchange with Bill O’Reilly takes center stage in the clips!): [Read more…]

In the UK, the Scout Association May Finally Let Atheists Become Members and Leaders

The Boy Scouts of America are notorious for kicking out members and leaders who are gay and atheist. They’re a private organization so they’re allowed to do it… but it stands in harsh opposition to the image they project, where all boys are welcome no matter what.

In the United Kingdom, the story has been only a little better… [Read more…]

You All Need to Buy This Miracle Drug

Side effects may include people unfriending you from Facebook for calling them out on their lies: [Read more…]

The Ron Paul Religion

During the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, the candidate with the most devoted core of supporters was undoubtedly Ron Paul[Read more…]