Chris Rock the Vote

As I am sure you are all aware, there is an election happening tomorrow. In order to help those who are still undecided about who to cast their vote for, Chris Rock premiered this video on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Friday night:   Remember to get out and vote tomorrow! — This is a guest [Read More…]

Conventions: An Open Thread

So we’re like a million bajillionty years into this blog takeover thing and I’m starting to feel the heat. I know that we’ve been pretty much discussing Skepticon non-stop, but what can I say? It’s on our minds. So I wanted to turn the conversation over to you, lovely readers–what kinds of things do you [Read More…]

We Are Atheism Loves You and the SK

Skepticon is how we mark our year. For it was Skepticon 3 that brought us into this movement. Now, two years later… we own,,, and offer discount printing for atheists at My wife, Amanda Brown, and myself have been able to travel around the country attending events and serving as local, regional, and national activists. My wife [Read More…]

A Collection of Atheist Awesome, Episode 3

Hey all! Lauren here. I’m sure you have been thinking to yourself “where the crapsticks is my awesomness?!” HAVE NO FEAR! I have found some for you. This past week has been particularly stressful for me as, well, Skepticon is happening this weekend so I’ve digging deep to keep going. It’s times like these that [Read More…]

What Skepticon Means to Atheism

Hey gang. JT Eberhard here… You’ve heard me and Lauren talk about what Skepticon means to us a million times. I’d like to take a moment to talk about what it means to atheism. It means students and poor people getting access to their heroes. All Skepticon speakers know there is no green room: they [Read More…]