House of Cardinals

I would be happy to adopt Catholicism if it meant Pope Spacey: [Read more…]

Rick Santorum Says ‘Thank You’ to American Atheists for Featuring Him in Their Billboard Campaign

First, it was Pastor Robert Jeffress. Now, Rick Santorum is reacting to his depiction on an American Atheists billboard in an email to his supporters:

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I’ll Bet She Won’t Get a Tip, Either

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In Manitoba, Christians Are Opposing Legislation That Would Protect LGBT Students from Getting Bullied

In Manitoba, Canada, the New Democratic Party introduced anti-bullying legislation in December so that schools would become safer and more inclusive of all students. The legislation (“Bill 18”) also made explicitly clear that bullying of LGBT students would not be tolerated and groups that support them must be allowed:

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Pastor Robert Jeffress Is Happy to be Featured in American Atheists’ Billboard Campaign

This is one of the billboards American Atheists just put up in Austin:

That’s Pastor Robert Jeffress, a man so vile that Tim Tebow turned down a speaking offer at his church to avoid controversy… only to then turn around and say yes to the late Jerry Falwell‘s university. [Read more…]