Stuff Christians Like

Taking a page (umm… rather, the whole book) from the hugely-popular Stuff White People Like, we now have Stuff Christians Like. And what do they like…? #140. Telling the pastor what his kids have been up to. #129. Chick-fil-A #97. Getting angry that Ned Flanders slept with that girl. #67. Editing Pop Culture. #53. Saying [Read More...]

The Monique Davis Story Hasn’t Gone Away Just Yet…

First, there was the verbal attack by Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis, and a week later, there was the apology. Initially, I thought the story would end there and that the apology was the final chapter, but upon reading several comments and postings stating how the apology was weak/not enough at best and insincere at [Read More...]

That is One Awesome Church Hymn

I didn’t know churches sang songs like this. I’m inspired! Anyone else ready to go back to the pews this Sunday? (Thanks to Cailin for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #23: Ice Cream Flavors

Last week, I ran this contest: If religions were flavors of ice cream, what flavors would they be and why…? Here are the Top 5 responses (with submitters)! 5| Jehovah’s Almond Fudge because its flavor is just heavenly and more than a little nutty. (Laurie Soule) 4| I just envision someone with a picket sign [Read More...]

The Big Bang

Why have none of you pointed this out to me before? In Simon Singh‘s fantastic book, Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe, he writes this about the background of theoretical physicist and cosmologist George Gamow: Having attended Communion at the local Russian Orthodox church, he dashed home with a piece of bread and a [Read More...]