How to Deal with the Family Fallout When You Announce Your Atheism

Daniel Florien has some excellent advice for atheists/agnostics who come out to their family members and have to deal with criticism as a result. He goes into depth on each point, but here’s a rundown of his list: Don’t Return Criticism Be Sympathetic Talk to Them Privately Disagree Calmly Emphasize Your Open-Mindedness Admit When You’re [Read More...]

Ethics Without Religion?

I just found this out. In Germany, ethics classes are mandatory, but religion classes are optional. (And that’s controversial for some.) It’s almost like the two are distinct areas… like you can have ethics without religion… Hm. Who knew. (Thanks to Hoverfrog for the link!) [Read more...]

Obama’s Speech to the National Academy of Sciences

This guest post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the American Humanist Association. He usually blogs at Rant & Reason. … President Barack Obama gave a promising speech on science yesterday to the National Academy of Sciences pledging to devote 3% of our GDP to research and development, proclaiming: “We will not just meet, [Read More...]

Faith Fighter: the Online Video Game

I don’t get why everyone gets so offended by every depiction of their gods. Especially when those gods have nifty attack moves. Video game company Molleindustria released a free online game called Faith Fighter and they’re under fire as a result. There are two versions of the game, normal and uncensored. One features Muhammad (fighting [Read More...]

Fewer Christians, More Atheists

In case you missed it yesterday (I did), this graphic appeared alongside the atheist article in The New York Times: It’s not brand new info — we knew it last month from the American Religious Identification Survey. But still. Woo! We should blow that up and frame it. [Read more...]