Pastors in Columbus, Georgia Are Looking for a Lawsuit

Pastors in Georgia have a brilliant idea for fixing the school system in the city of Columbus: Ignore federal law and institute school prayer. [Paul] Voorhees, a local business owner and chaplain says, “We are not asking them to do anything other than give us their blessing and get it on a state ballot, we [Read More…]

Interested in Challenging a Prayer at your High School Graduation? Here’s One Story.

Harrison Hopkins is a rising sophomore at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. At the end of his senior year of high school, he challenged the prayer at his graduation and won. He was down in Columbia recently and met up with A Matter of Doubt podcast and did an interview detailing his own deconversion [Read More…]

The Christian Soldier Marches On

Marc Murphy of the Courier-Journal (Kentucky) says a lot with one image: (Thanks to Aaron for the link!) [Read more…]

Penn Jillette’s Coming to Michigan

Penn Jillette is coming to East Lansing, Michigan on June 6th to promote the paperback version of his book God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales and CFI-Michigan is sponsoring the event. If you’d like tickets, get them while you can! [Read more…]

Mr. Deity Creates Basic Human Rights

As long as Deity gets money, anything goes (via misterdeity) [Read more…]