Thanks for the Books, Gideons!

At South Dakota State University, the Skeptics Atheists Agnostics Freethinkers and Empiricists (SAAFE) celebrated their first fall organization fair yesterday with a Fiction 4 Fiction drive. Students could turn in their holy books and get classic (better written) works of literature in return There were 21 Christian groups at the fair, but SAAFE was the [Read More…]

Atheism+ (in Some Circles)

(In response to this post) [Read more…]

About Atheism+…

Ron Lindsay has spoken for me regarding reasons to like and criticize Atheism+, so I’ll just post a link to him here. I’ll add this, though. Over the past several years, I’ve heard people criticize the term “Bright” (to describe people who are naturalistic and free of superstition) for a number of reasons. I like [Read More…]

Why Are Religious Conservatives So Bad When It Comes to Discussing Abortion?

When it comes to the 100% pro-life position regarding rape/incest exceptions, here’s an argument against allowing them that I can understand: If the product of conception between two humans is a human, and if human life — including inchoate human life — is deserving of protection, then the manner of a baby’s conception is irrelevant [Read More…]

Circumcision: Do the Health Benefits Outweigh the Genital Mutilation?

Here’s something that won’t be controversial. The American Academy of Pediatrics announced yesterday that “the health benefits of [circumcision] clearly outweigh any risks.” The policy statement can be read here. “The health benefits of male circumcision include a drop in the risk of urinary tract infection in the first year of life by up to [Read More…]