nakedpastor: God’s Putting You on Hold

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If Religious Athletes Were Honest…

Or: “Things Tim Tebow will never say.” (via the New Yorker — Thanks to Janice for the link!) [Read more…]

Supreme Court Rules That Ministers Cannot Sue Churches Over Employment Discrimination

In the recently-decided Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, the Supreme Court held (PDF) that “ministers” cannot sue their churches under federal employment discrimination laws.  For background on this case, see this previous post. Relying heavily on the history of the Constitution, the Court explained that the First Amendment was [Read More…]

You Can’t Hate Religion and Love Jesus

Spoken word artist Jefferson Bethke is getting a lot of attention recently because of an Ode-to-Jesus video making the rounds on all your Christian friends’ Facebook pages: The music, editing, and performance are admittedly impressive. It sounds refreshing, too, until you actually pick apart what he’s saying. Like this excerpt: Now back to the topic, [Read More…]

So This Is Christian Love?

In the aftermath of Jessica Ahlquist winning her legal battle against Cranston High School West, a number of Christians (and run-of-the-mill trolls) have resorted to threatening her and verbally abusing her on Facebook, Twitter, and even the comment sections of various news sites. Mary and Robert Posey have compiled screenshots from all over the place… [Read More…]