If a Miracle Came, Would It Convince You?

Via the excellent Cectic: Where is the line between natural and supernatural, and what would it take for you to admit that the line has been crossed? [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Nuns Drawing a Nude

Equinox Fitness Clubs have a racy new ad campaign that basically shows what having a nice body can do for you. For example, here is photographer Ellen von Unwerth‘s ad that features hot nuns and a nude male model in a David-like pose (click on image for larger version): You can see all four ads [Read More...]

Mike Huckabee Bears the Mark of the Devil

The Exterminator at No More Hornets regales us with his mastery of numerology and shows us something remarkable! On a news report, I saw three people holding signs that said “Go Huckabee.” Taking the numerology of each sign: G = 7O = 15H = 8U = 21C = 3K = 11A = 1B = 2E [Read More...]

Dueling Billboards

Recently, an atheist billboard that was moved to a new location was replaced with one reading “The previous sign posted at this location does not reflect the values or morals of our company. Thank you.” It hasn’t even been a week. A new billboard is up in the same Chambersburg, Pennsylvania area. It also poses [Read More...]

Was Jesus Camp a Crappy Movie?

Mary didn’t like Jesus Camp. In a posting titled, “How To Make a Crappy Documentary,” (LINK FIXED!) she lists the following as one of the ways to do just that: Call your documentary “Jesus Camp,” but focus very little on the inner workings of an actual Evangelical Christian summer camp. Really just make your movie [Read More...]