High School Atheists Answer Questions on Reddit

Jessica Ahlquist, Damon Fowler, and Harrison Hopkins, three of the high-school atheists who have fought recent church-state separation battles, are doing an “Ask Us Anything” on Reddit. The questions and responses are fantastic. I can’t even imagine doing anything like this when I was in high school… and that wasn’t too long ago. Did I [Read More...]

The Damon Scholarship

Just a quick note: Because an article discussing the Damon Fowler situation is going to be published in the next couple days, I’ve extended the time people can make their donations to the end of the month (instead of on Friday). Hope that’s ok! I’ve talked to Damon and his brother and we’ve figured out [Read More...]

2011 Harvard Humanist of the Year: Seth MacFarlane

Gotta hand it to everyone at the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy — they know how to use that name to their advantage. They got Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane to accept their Humanist of the Year award on June 14th! June 4th. We are very excited MacFarlane was able to work this exclusive [Read More...]

The Month of Maybe

This must be Harold Camping‘s calendar for any future Rapture-related predictions: He won’t admit he was wrong, though. That’d be downright unChristian of him. David Hayward understands this: … the mental and spiritual gymnastics [Christians] go through to desperately try to make it make sense is breathtaking. Why? Because if they admit they were wrong [Read More...]

The Different Covers of Richard Dawkins’ Book

I posted earlier about the cover of Richard Dawkins‘ forthcoming book: The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True. But it turns out this was only the cover of the British version of the book: Here’s what the cover of the American version will look like: I understand why the covers are different. [Read More...]