Carnival of the Godless #94 and Humanist Symposium #21

The new Carnival of the Godless is at Earthman’s Notebook. Go check it out! The next CotG is at The Atheist Blogger in two weeks. Submit your entries here! … The Humanist Symposium can be found this week at Greta Christina’s Blog. Go read it! The next HS is at faith in honest doubt in [Read More...]

Hope, Nope, and…

These just amused me…: Anything missing? (via Cognitive Dissident and Groupthink) [tags]atheist, atheism, Barack Obama, John McCain[/tags] [Read more...]

The Revival Was Real!

There are some articles you read where snarky comments just come to mind with every passing sentence… Like ordained minister Krista Abbott‘s piece in the Tallahassee Democrat. There is revival happening in Lakeland that is quickly spreading all over the world… Revival leaders say 24 people have died and then come back to life. One [Read More...]

How Does Your Background Influence Your Atheism?

Interesting question posed by fuzzybunn on Reddit: Are atheists the world over the same? Would you expect an atheist raised in a Buddhist or Hindu context to have similar beliefs as one raised in a Christian context? Let’s expand it a bit more. How is a second- or third-generation atheist different from an atheist coming [Read More...]

Crazy Cross-Branding Teacher Almost Fired

***UPDATE***: He hasn’t been fired, despite what the AP article says. But the process has begun. (Thanks to RBH for pointing this out.) … The post title says it all. John Freshwater, the crazy science teacher who was burning crosses into his students’ arms, has been (almost) fired. Yesterday, the five-member school board voted unanimously [Read More...]