Update on the Catholic School Atheist and Responsible Charity

Yesterday, a Catholic-school-attending atheist teenager named Daniel was highlighted here. Daniel wanted to beat his school in a charity fundraiser, only he wanted to benefit a secular charity instead of the Church. According to Responsible Charity, within 48 hours of Daniel creating the Facebook fundraiser page, $4,925.27 has been donated from 497 people in 19 [Read More…]

God Has a Weird Way of Loving You

If you had never heard the Christian myth before, it would make even less sense than it does now: (via Unreasonable Faith) [Read more…]

Italy and Israel: Fewer Special Favors for the Religious

This week has produced two exciting pieces of news, although (sadly) neither one pertains to the United States. First, Italy is strongly considering charging the Vatican property taxes on all non-church properties. The Vatican owns quite a bit of commercial property in Italy, including hostels, hospitals, etc., but doesn’t pay property taxes on any of [Read More…]

A Lot of Your Ancestors Had Slaves, Too

(In response to this post.) [Read more…]

I Don’t Think They Understand the Meaning of ‘Atheist’

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail reported (as did other news outlets) that Richard Dawkins‘ ancestors owned slaves. As if that somehow discredited him or his beliefs. Now, the same paper as well as other news outlets are continuing the campaign to discredit Dawkins by trying to make a big deal out of something Dawkins [Read More…]