Getting Engaged for Marriage Equality

Right now, in this crucial moment in time, we have the opportunity to make history happen. In every state that marriage equality has gone to the voters, the opposition has used dishonest, misleading tactics to persuade voters to vote against allowing same-sex marriage. Groups like the National Organization for Marriage have build a very successful political machine that [Read More…]

Michele Bachmann Spies with Her Little Eye… ‘a Spiritual Hurricane’!

On Sunday, Michele Bachmann spoke at a conservative rally in Florida, and it looks like she’s venturing back into the “national disasters as political commentary” area. You may remember last year when Bachmann made some controversial comments regarding Hurricane Irene and the East Coast earthquake:  I don’t know how much God has to do to get [Read More…]

Secular Americans Have a Voice at the Republican National Convention

Once the Republican National Convention gets underway, there will be some representation from the non-theistic side (really!) eager to see if we can actually make inroads into the GOP. Robyn Blumner of the St. Petersburg Times has the brief interview with the Secular Coalition for America’s Executive Director Edwina Rogers: Who is the oddest bedfellow [Read More…]

Another Christian Cross on Public Property, but the AHA is Fighting Back

In Bladensburg, Maryland, there sits a World War I memorial called “Peace Cross.” It’s a 40-foot cross on public property, maintained by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission. The American Humanist Association is asking the Commission to remove the Christian symbol: “The cross is a Christian symbol, and government should not be in [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Pakistani Longs to Live Openly as an Atheist

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I am 32 Male and a Pakistani Passport holder living in Pakistan, and of course, I am an atheist although I cannot live my life freely as an atheist rather I live here as a slave. I wonder sometime that don’t I have [Read More…]