Atheists in Hats and Cats Questioning the Bible

I didn’t know these Tumblrs needed to exist… but I’m informed that they are vital to our movement. Atheists in Hats: Cats Questioning the Bible: See? Isn’t your life better already? Obviously. [Read more…]

Jim Gaffigan on Vitamins

I watched Jim Gaffigan‘s excellent standup show “Mr. Universe” over the weekend. The best part (for this audience, anyway)? His bit on vitamins (Click to enlarge) Also, I don’t know how to make those images. [Read more…]

West Point Offers Class on Apologetics… and Rebuttals

The US Military Academy at West Point has been having a rough year. First there was the Islamophobic Lt. General William Boykin getting hotly protested (and eventually replaced) after he was invited to speak at the National Prayer breakfast. Then, this month, the Academy was sued for covering up sexual assault. Bearing all this in [Read More…]

Pentagon Suspends Anti-Islamic Course

Last week, news broke that in late April the Pentagon had suspended a course called “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism,” offered as an elective at Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. The suspension came about as a result of a complaint by a student. The course itself is offered five times a year, [Read More…]

Jeff Flake Will Decide What Is and Isn’t Science, Thank You Very Much

Nearly missed by the Beltway media, a tiny little amendment was brought to the House floor on May 9th by Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona. Here’s what the gentleman suggested should be law: None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to carry out the functions of the Political Science Program [Read More…]