The Problems with Atheist Publicity Stunts

Should atheist groups try to make headlines and get attention when their ideas have little to no chance of succeeding? Despite the fact that I like it when groups I support and people I know are involved, it’s hard for me to automatically say yes. … Last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a [Read More...]

That’s Not Her Name

I know FOX News doesn’t like the Freedom From Religion Foundation… or the GLBT community. But this is ridiculous. FFRF’s co-president’s name is Annie Laurie Gaylor. It takes 0.04 seconds of Google-time to figure that out. But who needs research when you can do this? You can see the full video clip below (the part [Read More...]

Spirits for Spirits

There’s a new (to me) type of gathering for atheists taking place near the University of Illinois in a few weeks, courtesy of the Champaign-Urbana Freethinkers: Spirits for Spirits. You put your hand on the Bible and deny the holy spirit — and get a $2 draft beer in exchange! (If you’re 21+, of course.) [Read More...]

Upcoming Talks

I’m visiting a bunch of schools/cities in the next few months to give talks. All talks are in the evening. Not all the dates/times are set, but if you’re in the area, it’d be great to meet up with people! Let me know if you want to set anything up Confirmed: UPCOMING!Jubilee Conference 2010 02/19/10 [Read More...]

How Not to Save Money for College

How should you save money for college? Put money in a savings account? Rely on student loans? Invest your money? Purchase a CD? Or… pray and just *hope* everything works out? Reader Roman received the following survey results from his bank. Prayer ranks 3rd!… and it could very easily be 2nd. Now, when people wonder [Read More...]