Dave Silverman Appears on FOX To Discuss ‘Inflammatory’ HuffPo Article

I love it when Dave Silverman appears on FOX News Channel. He was invited on there today, along with religion advocate Sandy Rios, to discuss a recent piece bashing Catholicism on Huffington Post. The substance of that conversation isn’t all that interesting, but you have to love the way Dave uses his “last word” (starting [Read More…]

I Guess You Proved Your Point…

Looks like someone messed with one of the flyers put up by The Secular Alliance at the University of Chicago: Atheists are dumb?! That’s it. Forget the ice cream. I need to get myself to church. [Read more…]

How To Speak ‘True-Believer’

[Read more…]

Is It Important to Wait for Marriage Before You Have Sex?

I know your answers to this already, but if you’re an evangelical Christian, the expectation is that you’re abstinent until marriage. In some cases, you may even wait until your wedding day to share your first kiss. Director Matt Barber and his team are trying to tell the story of people who go to these [Read More…]

Last Day to Donate to Jessica Ahlquist Fund

Tonight is it! The scholarship drive for Jessica Ahlquist closes today. After that, I need a week or so to figure out what donations were made directly to the American Humanist Association and what money will be contributed from the Evil Little Thing t-shirt sales, and then I’ll report back how much was raised altogether. [Read More…]