Sam Harris and Rabbi David Wolpe

The American Jewish University hosted authors Sam Harris and Rabbi David Wolpe to discuss the existence of God and the role of religion and faith in society. You can watch the full video here. Steve Padilla, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, moderated the informal debate and wrote about the event. He excerpts a [Read More...]

The Christopher Hitchens Drink

The Christopher Hitchens Surprise: 1 Bottle Scotch whiskey: Johnnie Walker Black Label preferred 20 Cigarettes An empty scotch glass 1 Bottle Grecian Formula 1 Live Christian infant Using the scotch glass, empty the entire contents of the scotch, one glass at a time, into your mouth, occasionally smoking an entire cigarette in less than a [Read More...]

People Will Believe Anything

First watch this video: It’s not a ghost. You know how I know it’s not a ghost? Because ghosts don’t exist. And there’s probably a more likely explanation. Of course, this is CNN. They wouldn’t want to do any actual investigation now, would they? They’ll just find the most idiotic, gullible people they can find [Read More...]

Ray Comfort Lies Again

Now, Bananaman Ray Comfort is not just lying about the definition of an atheist; he’s lying about my friend. First, Ray talks about a random person who claims he was once a Christian and then became an atheist: … Hold it there for a moment. He was once a strong Christian? Let’s analyze what he [Read More...]

Humanist Network News’ Year End Review

The latest Humanist Network News rounds up the year’s biggest stories pertaining to Humanism and freethought in general. Feel free to compare the list to HNN’s top stories of 2006. Seems to me like there were a lot more positive stories to report this year… [tags]atheist, atheism, Humanism[/tags] [Read more...]