Rob Sherman’s New Blog

Rob Sherman, the lawsuit-happy atheist from the Chicago suburbs who is always making local news when someone tries to blur the line between church and state, is now writing for the ChicagoNow blog: “In Rob We Trust.” Gotta love that coin. Modesty has never been one of Rob’s finer qualities Rob topped Keith Olbermann‘s list [Read More...]

Amusing Reply to a Creationist

Here’s a great zinger for you. Paranormal investigator Benjamin Radford wrote an article for Skeptical Inquirer in which he suggested dinosaurs died out approximately 65 million years ago. No surprises there. In response, Radford received an email from a Creationist… In your article you assume that the earth is millions of years old and dinosaurs [Read More...]

August Berkshire’s Speaking Tour

My friend August Berkshire, the vice-president of Atheist Alliance International, and the author of the popular 34 Unconvincing Arguments for God, is going on a road trip across the Southwest. You can see the full schedule of events here (*.doc). If you get a chance to hear him, it’s well worth it. All the events [Read More...]

Ideas for Religious Bus Ads?

In response to the Atheist Bus Campaign ads, Ryan North and his dinosaurs offer a few suggestions for religious responses: Incidentally, the title of the strip is: where are the hindus with their “there’s probably many gods. now stop worrying and enjoy your lives.” buses? WHERE?? Would you like to suggest any other potential religious [Read More...]

Are You a One-Person Atheist Billboard?

I have a few atheist-themed shirts. Like the ones that say, “I found Jesus… he was behind the couch” and “Dinosaurs didn’t pray hard enough”… I don’t wear them very often. Can’t wear them at work for obvious reasons. I guess I could wear them on weekends if I’m out, but even now, I feel [Read More...]