The Hidden Meaning of Church Signs

David Hayward dissects a seemingly innocuous church sign and hits a home run (click on image to enlarge): (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

Are You a Secular Parent?

The Foundation Beyond Belief is conducting a survey to find out information about non-religious parents: Foundation Beyond Belief has two sides — a humanist charitable giving program, and an education and support program for secular parents. The intrepid and talented Ute Mitchell (of CFI Portland’s outstanding secular parent program) has signed on as our Foundation’s [Read More...]

Illinois Legislators Give Million$ to Sponsor Their Own Faith-Based Wishes

Rob Sherman is challenging Illinois legislators over money they’ve earmarked for their own pet projects — many of which enhance their personal faith and are easily a conflict of interest. Here’s just one example: State Representative LaShawn Ford (D-08) voted to send a Grant of $500,000 (see Page 129 of the Details List) to Christ [Read More...]

How to Respond to the Westboro Baptist Church Protest of Twitter

Fred Phelps and his crew descended upon Twitter’s offices in San Francisco the other day. Protesters were ready. And hilarious. I love seeing absurd beliefs fought like this. So much better than a shouting match. And there are plenty more examples of fighting crazy with humor when it comes to the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s [Read More...]

Opposing the Invisible Alien Ritual

In Tampa, Florida, the City Council conducts pre-meeting prayers. Not surprisingly, atheists are not happy about this and they want to see the practice stopped. (I’m not sure where non-Christians are, but they have a right to be mad, too. Hell, so do Christians who support church/state separation.) But there’s a right way and a [Read More...]