U.S. Army Commissions Video Game to Help Train Army Chaplains

“Call of Duty,” “Ghost Recon,” “Band of Brothers,” and a long list of other video games glorify warfare and put players in the position of killing and laying out destruction. Putting aside for a moment the ethical implications of that, let’s ask who’s left out?

The Chaplains, of course.

So now, the Army has contracted the company Engineering and Computer Simulations to tackle the task of including the chaplain perspective in warfare video games: [Read more…]

Yo Soy Ateo

A Spanish version of Richard Dawkins‘ website is now available!

You can check out an introductory message from Señor Dawkins himself right here. [Read more…]

House of Cardinals

I would be happy to adopt Catholicism if it meant Pope Spacey: [Read more…]

Rick Santorum Says ‘Thank You’ to American Atheists for Featuring Him in Their Billboard Campaign

First, it was Pastor Robert Jeffress. Now, Rick Santorum is reacting to his depiction on an American Atheists billboard in an email to his supporters:

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I’ll Bet She Won’t Get a Tip, Either

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