Another Child Suffers at the Hands of Christian Parents

A major problem with religion is that it causes believers to accept nonsense over reality. Sometimes, it’s just silly. Other times, that can lead to disaster. Take a look at what happened to 8-month-old Alayna May Wyland: I don’t care if that makes you uncomfortable. Keep reading: The Wylands’ daughter, Alayna, had a small discoloration [Read More...]

An Unnecessary Death from an Unnecessary Ceremony

A six-week old baby has died in Moldova. The culprit? Superstition mixed with a preacher blinded by religion. Father Valentin dunked the baby in a tank of water three times, never covering its mouth. The father explains what he saw: “He couldn’t inhale, his face turned blue and he was foaming at the mouth. He [Read More...]

Aldi’s Christian Eggs

It happens at In-N-Out Burger, Alaska Airlines, and Forever 21 — Christians verses popping out at you when you least expect it. No, it’s not a big deal, but it’s a little off-putting when you find out your sandwich and sweater are made of Jesus. Now, it’s happening in Aldi stores. Reader Trace bought a [Read More...]

My Weekend at the Secular Student Alliance Conference

I’m finally back home (and rested) from the annual Secular Student Alliance conference in Ohio. I’ve been involved with the organization for several years and this was by far the best conference our staff has put together. A few thoughts on why it worked — and other thoughts about the weekend — are below… The [Read More...]

Salman Rushdie Will Write His Memoirs

Whenever Salman Rushdie‘s memoir comes out, I’m going to stop whatever I’m doing to read it. “I just thought it might be time to tell that story,” Rushdie said. “I always for a long time didn’t want to tell it. First of all I was in it and that was not likeable. Then I got [Read More...]