Are Atheists Hiding Behind the Scarlet A?

A month ago, there was a push to get atheists to change their Facebook profile picture to the atheist A symbol. I liked the idea. It was a way to show your atheist pride — that there are indeed a whole bunch of us out there and that we’re not afraid to admit it. It’s [Read More...]

The Son Needed Blood, So What Did the Father Do?

Five-year-old Jepheth Afum was brought to a hospital in Ghana last week. Doctors found that he was anemic and losing blood quickly. They knew the only way to save him was to give him a blood transfusion, so they began the procedure. And what did his father do during all this? ….Wait! Before you respond, [Read More...]

An Atheist’s Actual Worst Nightmare

Forget bananas. Imagine a 21-foot-tall baby. Spain has built a giant robot baby and unleashed it on millions of unsuspecting visitors to the 2010 Expo in Shanghai, China. So far the baby’s been peaceful, but organizers are hoping it doesn’t have a tantrum. Named Miguelin, the 21-foot tot is an electronically controlled terror that can [Read More...]

Any Law Experts Out There?

Are you a lawyer? Law school student? Pre-law student? Do you like to write about church/state separation issues? (Are you good at it?) If so, contact me. I could use your help… [Read more...]

Update on Wisconsin College Atheist Group Drawing Muhammad on Campus

Yesterday, I mentioned that members of the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics group at the University of Wisconsin – Madison were going to draw stick figure images of Muhammad on their campus to stand up for their free speech rights. The Muslim Student Association was not happy with this and said they would contact the Dean [Read More...]