Explaining the Problems with Irreducible Complexity

The sound of a professor talking usually makes me fall asleep, even if the topic is one I enjoy… But when QualiaSoup talks his way through a wonderful debunking of Intelligent Design, I am completely hooked. Treat yourself and block out 11 minutes to watch this thing in its entirety. It’s well worth it. How [Read More...]

God Dropped the Ball…

You Buffalo Bills fans probably don’t want a reminder of what your wide receiver Steve Johnson did in overtime during today’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers… After that miss, the Steelers got the ball, got a field goal, and won the game 19-16. So who did Johnson blame for his miss? So I guess we [Read More...]

Send An Atheist Some Positive Vibes

A fellow atheist blogger, Kate Holden of Cuddly Atheism, recently suffered a stroke. She’s doing ok, but she’s currently dealing with Broca’s aphasia. As her husband Jay puts it: Broca’s aphasia is what is known as an expressive aphasia. It limits her ability to express the ideas in her head, whether in speech or in [Read More...]

Is ‘Blessed’ a Big Deal?

The Vigo County School Corporation (public school) headquarters in Indiana had this message in front of their main building last year: Best Wishes For a Blessed New Year As reader Meg drove past the same building today, she caught a similar message: Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Is the word “blessing” worth raising a fuss over [Read More...]

We Need to Hear More Atheist Voices

Every now and then, an email comes along that I’m compelled to share with all of you. With the writer’s permission, I’m posting this one. She mentions this site, but I really do believe any thank-yous must be shared with all of you who blog, who run atheist groups, and who are just open about [Read More...]