Ray Comfort Has Infected the Comics

Cartoonist Dave Kellett must really be Ray Comfort in disguise… based solely on this Sheldon strip: The rest of the strip is here. Now, I wait for the bird to tell me I’m going to Hell. (Thanks to Jon for the link!) [Read more...]

Freethought Conference in the Pacific Northwest

If you live in the Portland area, the Northwest Freethought Conference is coming your way at the end of March! The conference will feature keynotes from Dr. David Domke (Professor of Communication at the UW), Dr. Bob Park (retired physics professor from the University of Maryland), and Roy Speckhardt (Executive Director of the American Humanist [Read More...]

Would You Live in a Co-Ed Dorm Room?

Conservative Christians can’t deal with the notion that more colleges are now allowing co-ed dorm rooms: Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance says the exposure of a co-ed housing plan is touching nerves. … “[B]ecause a 20- or 21-year-old female student can contract sexually transmitted disease[s] or get pregnant just as easily as an [Read More...]

Excellent Interview Discussing Illinois’ Mandatory Moment of Silence

It doesn’t take a whole lot to represent yourself well when you’re an atheist being interviewed on television. Just follow a few basic rules: Don’t be unnecessarily contentious. Know your stuff. Smile. Need an example? I just saw a high school student model it beautifully. Dawn Sherman was on a local television talk show talking [Read More...]

If Atheist and Christian Buses Collided… (Part 2)

Reader Anne Photoshopped the pic from last week to let the atheist bus take charge! Are your captions any different now…? [Read more...]