A Christmas Tree Ornament You’ll Enjoy

You know you want this: It’s $33 and handmade. And so very worth it. (via Boing Boing) [tags]atheist, atheism, Flying Spaghetti Monster[/tags] [Read more...]

NOVA’s Intelligent Design on Trial Now Online

I’ll be watching it this weekend! So should you. [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Atheism Doesn’t Make the Day Go Any Faster

Toothpaste for Dinner tells it like it is: (via Free Mind Joe) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Atheists in the Media

Teen Atheist over at Diary of a Teenage Atheist was writing about reactions people have when the word “atheist” comes up in conversation. Like this one with a friend currently working on a novel: Teen Atheist: “Your protagonist is an atheist, right?” Alice: “The girl is. The boy isn’t. He’s nice.” Ouch. It got TA [Read More...]

Mandatory Moment of Silence Blocked!

A couple weeks ago, Dawn Sherman and her father Rob brought forth a lawsuit trying to block the mandatory moment of silence in Illinois. Yesterday, a U.S. District judge upheld the lawsuit! U.S. District Court Judge Robert Gettleman blocked a northwest suburban school district from following the mandate, and he could extend the ban to [Read More...]