About the American Atheists Billboard Misquoting Sarah Palin…

One of the billboards American Atheists just put up in Texas was this one, featuring Sarah Palin:

She’s quoted as saying:

“We should create law based on the God of the Bible”

Just one problem: She never said those exact words… [Read more…]

Polish Priest Argues That Gays Are to Blame for Catholic Church Sex Scandals

For a conservative Catholic who meticulously adheres and assents to every word of the Church’s teaching, these are difficult days, filled to the brim with cognitive dissonance. It’s hard to accept the Pope as Jesus Christ’s chosen representative on Earth while groups of abuse victims call on him to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

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They Died Because of Their Parents’ Faith

Daniel normally makes monthly videos about the horrible things religion has done over the past month, but his latest video chronicles children who have suffered because of their parents’ unwavering devotion to God. Because who needs a doctor when you have prayer, right?

(Warning: Some NSFL images in there) [Read more…]

She Won’t Be Retiring Anytime Soon

If she were the new Pope, I think I’d be okay with it: [Read more…]

Despite Atheist Speaking Out Against It, County Officials Vote to Reinstate Prayer at Meetings

Boyle County Fiscal Court (in Kentucky) used to open meetings with a Christian invocation. After atheist Ricky Smith spoke out against it a couple of months ago, the county replaced that invocation with a moment of silence. For his efforts, Smith was rewarded with harassment by local Christians. [Read more…]