A Good Reason for Canceling Church

Actually, I think most churches would keep going regardless… [Read more...]

Jesse’s Job Search Update

by Jesse Galef – I’m usually reticent and reluctant to talk about my personal life, but I feel comfortable sharing some things. It helps that I’ve found you guys to be very supportive, both in comments here and talking to some of you on facebook. It’s a new experience for me to have relative strangers [Read More...]

Goodbye to Don Addis

Don Addis, the cartoonist whose works appeared in Free Inquiry, Freethought Today, and a number of mainstream publications, died of lung cancer a few days ago. Even if his name doesn’t ring a bell, his work is probably very familiar. His cartoons have been making the rounds on the Internet for several years. Every now [Read More...]

Freethought Film Festival Foundation Seeks Submissions

The Freethought Film Festival Foundation is looking to begin an annual event in Tampa, Florida: The mission of the FFFF is to promote reason, critical thinking and freedom of inquiry through the medium of film. With support from freethinkers who have viewpoints that are agnostic, atheist, humanist, secular humanist, rationalist, skeptic, of “Bright” mind, non-religious [Read More...]

Misleading Christian Dating Ads

I understand the need for dating websites to advertise their existence, but they really need to figure out who their audience is… I’m pretty sure these are not the “good Christian girls” you are told to look for in church: They’ll never do. I mean, where are their cross necklaces? At least one website caters [Read More...]