Constance McMillen’s Fake Prom

Constance McMillen‘s been through hell and back standing up for herself. All she wanted to do was attend her senior prom with her girlfriend. But her Fulton, Mississippi high school canceled prom in response. Money was donated (and rejected) so she could attend an alternative prom. She didn’t need an alternative prom, though, because she [Read More...]

An Atheist-Friendly Oklahoma License Plate?

To the people of Oklahoma: Want this license plate? It hasn’t been made yet, but it could be. To get license plates in Oklahoma with the phrase, “In Reason We Trust” 750 citizens of Oklahoma will need to agree to purchase the plate. This plate will be between $15 to $20. More information will be [Read More...]

Video of Atheist/Christian Panel Discussion

Back in February, I participated in a panel discussion about atheism and Christianity along with my friends Ashley Paramore (atheist) and Jon Weyer (Christian). It took place at a conference called Jubilee. There’s finally video of the discussion — check it out and let us know what you think: As with any event like this [Read More...]

Ask Richard: My Father Nags Me to Go to Church

Dear Richard, I am a 20 year old student living with my father. He’s a Christian, with very firm beliefs. Recently, he’s been pushing me to join a church. He believes that joining a church would be extremely beneficial to me. However, he doesn’t know I’m agnostic, except for my sister, no one in my [Read More...]

If You Don’t Agree with That, Are You Still Religious?

It’s a good question: how much of your religion’s actions do you have to disavow before you feel comfortable just walking away from the whole damn thing altogether? What aspects of your faith did you eschew before you finally stepped away from it for good? (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]