Does the Upcoming Rapture Day Actually Hurt Anyone?

Yes it does. We already know the fact that Jesus ain’t coming back will take an emotional toll on all those gullible Christians who believe this “May 21st is Judgment Day” nonsense. But it’s also taking a financial toll on one man: A 60-year-old New York City man is so sure the world will end [Read More...]

Rapture Relief for Camp Quest

The Seattle Atheists are capitalizing on Judgment Day on May 21st by holding a Rapture Relief program! All proceeds will benefit Camp Quest: (I’m with Jen — what a kickass logo.) So what exactly is “Rapture Relief“? On the off chance that they are completely wrong, Jesus doesn’t come back, and life continues as normal, [Read More...]

High School Atheists Don’t Want to Stay Silent Any Longer

When I was in high school, it took me a while to come out as an atheist to even my closest friends. That got easier over time, but I wasn’t about to announce it to the world at that age. Walker Bristol, a student at Tufts, felt the same way. But his younger brother, a [Read More...]

Missouri Republican Sponsors Bill That Will Change Nothing

Things you can already do in the state of Missouri: Privately read a Bible in school Privately pray before a City Council meeting Privately pray in public spaces Things a newly proposed Constitutional Amendment (sponsored by Republican Rep. Mike McGhee of Odessa) would allow people in Missouri to do: Privately read a Bible in school [Read More...]

The Treatment of a Gay Student at Messiah College

You have to feel bad for a college student who goes through this: In October, his wallet, student ID and room key were stolen. Then, he said, he received a death threat on Facebook. A few weeks ago, he found his replacement ID cut into pieces and covered in urine. And it all happened at [Read More...]