Why Are There So Many Atheist Blogs?

Because God exists. At least, that’s the argument Joey is making: Why are there so many atheism blogs? I saw recently how one guy collects them all in one place so you can “feed” on a life without God, literally hundreds of blog links, enough reading for several years. … You see, something inside is [Read More...]

Driving Under the Influence of Homeopathy

In case you ever needed to explain the (lack of) effectiveness of homeopathic medicines to anyone…: (via Toothpaste for Dinner) [Read more...]

Campus Atheist Group Censored in Idaho

The Boise State Secular Student Alliance were manning a booth for their group during a recent Parent and Family Weekend. Lloyd Lowe, the president of the group, set up the table and walked away for a while. When he returned, his found that the banner he had put up was no longer visible to the [Read More...]

Will Someone Tell Jesus He Needs To Pick His Spots?

This is just getting nasty. (via Reddit) [Read more...]

Lou Dobbs Doesn’t Know Godless Americans Exist

CNN’s Lou Dobbs can’t believe what’s going on with the Kay Hagan/Elizabeth Dole story. It’s not that Dole is trying to smear her opponent by labeling her as a “Godless American.” Dobbs is just shocked that there are such people who could be “Godless Americans”: In case you missed it, Dobbs says the following in [Read More...]