Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Being a teacher and having Spring Break off has its perks. I’ll be doing a bit of traveling next week to speak about eBay/Friendly Atheism/blogging/goats/etc. If you’re in the areas, please come by! I’ll post more details when I have them. Where: Northern Illinois University for the NIU Atheists, Agnostics and Free Thinkers (AAFT) When: [Read More...]


A church youth pastor dazzles us with his intelligence: A couple of years ago, the youth director at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church in Houston was snacking in the church youth offices when he noticed an odd-shaped Cheeto. Upon further inspection, Steve Cragg determined he could see a familiar image of Jesus in the shape [Read More...]

National Simulcast For Church-State Separation This Wednesday

All the details on this simulcast are here. Actors, musicians and comedians will join church-state activists from across the country March 26 to put church-state separation on the national agenda during the 2008 election season. In movie theatres in 25 cities across the nation, interested citizens will gather to learn about the threats to church-state [Read More...]

A Secular Easter

Ben‘s immediate family isn’t religious. Neither is his uncle. His aunt is religious, but just barely. So what happens when they all get together on Easter Sunday? … the religious nature of it was completely missing. I only heard one reference to God the whole time, and that was when my dad made one of [Read More...]

How I Am Sabotaging My Parents’ Attempt at Finding Me a Wife

Part one in an ongoing series, I’m sure. Our conversation the other day went something like this: Parents: You know, all of your cousins are starting to get married… Me: Yep. Parents: And you’re not married. Me: Nope. Parents: And you haven’t shown interest in the indian girls we know… Me: Nope. Parents: We have [Read More...]