Accurate Posters for Pro-Lifers

You’ve probably seen this type of poster/billboard coming from the pro-life movement: PZ Myers says that information may be true — the “non-functional primordia of those organs” exist at 28 days — but the picture is misleading. If they wanted to be accurate, the poster would look more like this: All of their billboards are [Read More...]

My Night at Moody Church

Saturday night, I visited the Moody Church (a typically conservative place) in downtown Chicago to participate in a dialogue with members of a youth group there known as The Venue. This is the third in a series of events where they invite people to speak to them about communities that Christians don’t have a great [Read More...]

Student Responds to Mike Huckabee’s Comments About Him

A few months ago, I was emailing back and forth with a student named Michael Tracey at The College of New Jersey about possibly speaking there over my Spring Break since he’s the president of their Secular Student Alliance chapter. We were unable to find a day that worked so we put the talk on [Read More...]

Teabagging for Jesus

Edward Current knows that Jesus would have been a teabagger: I love Current’s hat and t-shirt; I, too, am opposed to socalism. The ending is also entertaining [Read more...]

BYU Women’s Rugby Team Eliminated from Playoffs by BYU

The Brigham Young University women’s rugby team is complaining. They are a highly-ranked team that could go far in the postseason. This weekend is the quarterfinal matches — the top 16 teams will play each other in 8 games, with teams playing today and tomorrow. Even if the BYU team wins, though, they say this [Read More...]