nakedpastor: Go Ahead and Step Inside the Forest

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Responding to the Purity Bear

I’ll admit this parody of Purity Bear (as if the originals weren’t already a parody of themselves) had me cracking up. Mostly because JT makes a lot of sense: (via WWJTD) [Read more…]

Can We Just Eliminate Textbooks?

My high school students know that I rely very little on our textbooks. I hand them out at the beginning of the school year because I have to, but other than as a last-resort reference, most of my classes use them minimally throughout the year. Why do this? They’re boring. They can add to the [Read More…]

Inventor Selling Pseudoscientific Product Gets Caught in Shark Tank

In case you don’t watch the show “Shark Tank,” it’s a reality show in which a panel of rich business tycoons judge someone’s “great idea” and have a chance to invest in it. The “contestants” have to pitch their idea to the panel and face a barrage of questions about their business plan, previous sales, [Read More…]

Update on the Catholic School Atheist and Responsible Charity

Yesterday, a Catholic-school-attending atheist teenager named Daniel was highlighted here. Daniel wanted to beat his school in a charity fundraiser, only he wanted to benefit a secular charity instead of the Church. According to Responsible Charity, within 48 hours of Daniel creating the Facebook fundraiser page, $4,925.27 has been donated from 497 people in 19 [Read More…]