Teen Kicked Out of Class for Not Standing During Pledge

Devon Smith (below), a sophomore at Spring Valley High School in Las Vegas, didn’t recite or stand for the Pledge of Allegiance on Monday morning. This is perfectly acceptable. A lot of atheists don’t say/stand for the Pledge because of its reference to America being a nation “under God.” Devon’s teacher, Susan Rheinwald, didn’t see [Read More...]

Ted Haggard Leaves De-Gayification Program

The last time we heard from “ex-gay” pastor Ted Haggard, he needed money. He’s indirectly back in the news. The man who took over Haggard’s role as senior pastor at New Life Church, Brady Boyd, sent out this press release to friends of the church (emphasis mine): Brady Boyd Senior Pastor New Life Church Colorado [Read More...]

Frank Interview with Richard Dawkins

The Clinton School of Public Service (at the University of Arkansas) just released copies of its new publication Frank. The publication… embodies the Clinton School’s philosophy of straight forward, practical solutions through its “Academics for the Real World” curriculum. Joseph Ballard interviewed Richard Dawkins in the premier issue. FRANK: What would the “Richard Dawkins School [Read More...]

Send Your Kid to Camp Quest West (for Free!)

If you’re interested in sending your 6-8th grade child to Camp Quest West (in California), you have a chance to win a free campership! All the child has to do is write a 200-400 word essay (DOC) answering any one of these three questions: 1. Should Intelligent Design be taught in school along with evolution? [Read More...]

The Seven Thousand Years of Human History

The image below (click it for a larger version) was made in 1918. What can we learn from it? The Dark Ages occurred in A.D. 1000. (And that was it.) The AntiChrist appeared in A.D. 2000. Satan’s around for another thousand years. Good thing no one believes in that type of foolish thinking anymore… (*sigh*) [Read More...]