The Extraordinary Claims Campaign Hits Canada

On Friday, the Centre for Inquiry Canada will launch the “Extraordinary Claims Campaign” featuring bus ads and in-person educational events: There’s a wonderfully broad spectrum of foolish beliefs on that list. But this is Canada, not the US, so I wonder how much traction it will get in the media… Still, it’s a campaign worthy [Read More...]

Excommunicate Me!

In the Philippines, there’s a Reproductive Health (RH) bill that will be presented to the Congressional Committee of Population and Family Relations next week. It’s a response to the country’s rapidly growing population. The bill, which proposes national funding for, and access to, reproductive healthcare services and products like birth control pills and condoms, has [Read More...]

I’m a Non-White Atheist; Hear Me Roar

Alom Shaha has an important piece in the Guardian about the lack of racial minorities in the organized atheist movement: The atheist and sceptic movements are dominated by white men and I think this is a problem… … These are issues that the white “leadership” of the atheist and sceptic movements have largely ignored because [Read More...]

Go Forth and Spread the Good News!… but Not On Facebook

***Update***: It turns out Rev. Miller admitted to having a threesome with his wife and a church assistant. I don’t care what he does in his bedroom, but I don’t recall threesomes being endorsed by the Bible as a way to show love to your wife. (And people go to this guy to get marriage [Read More...]

A Church’s Discussion Guide for the Hitchens/Dembski Debate

Thursday morning, Christopher Hitchens will be debating Intelligent Design proponent William Dembski at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, Texas. The debate is mostly for a middle school and high school audience. The church in question has put out a discussion guide for the debate (PDF) — it was sent to me by a reader and [Read More...]