Men’s Magazine or Christian Book?

Sometimes, you just can’t tell the difference. The quiz below asks whether the following blurbs were found on the front cover of a men’s magazine or the back cover of a Christian book: 1. “Build your perfect life and strip away stress for good”A. Front Cover of Men’s MagazineB. Back Cover of Christian Book2. “The [Read More...]

A Poem: I Met a Friendly Atheist

This poem comes courtesy of Dr. Stephen Uhl, author of Imagine No Superstition. I met a friendly atheist today       I know “atheists are bad people” some say. But this nice person was really good for me       and helped me drop a childish fantasy. Atheists I know now are not all bad;       I hope that makes [Read More...]

Top 10 Instances of Christian Bashing

Did you know that there exists an organization called Christian Anti-Defamation Commission? Well, it’s true. They have some gems on their site including Seven Reasons Barack Obama is not a Christian. My immediate thought on this title was, “do they mean to say ‘proofs?’” Because really, there is a huge difference between a reason and [Read More...]

Lee Strobel Answers Your Questions, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the ongoing Lee-Strobel-answers-your-questions series. Previous parts can be found here. You’ve essentially said before that you interviewed only Christian scholars/apologists in your books because you were asking questions in the shoes of a skeptic and you wanted to know the Christian explanation to certain questions. Weren’t there many questions you [Read More...]

Rick Warren’s Support of Condom Burning

Of the many stories about Pastor Rick Warren in the weeks before the inauguration, this one from The Daily Beast’s Max Blumenthal seems to have gone under-reported. But since the Warren inauguration controversy erupted, the nature of work against AIDS in Africa has gone unexamined. Warren has not been particularly forthcoming to those who have [Read More...]