Obama Mentions Non-Believers in Easter Address

Yeah, he’s pandering the the religious base by saying a lot of this, but it’s worth taking note President Obama mentioned non-believers in his recent weekly address: This is a week of faithful celebration. On Monday and Tuesday nights, Jewish families and friends in the United States and around the world gathered for a Seder [Read More...]

I Think I Prefer Street Preachers to This

A message to Christians who want to convince others to follow Jesus. Don’t do while dressed as a bloody Jesus on a cross. Near a mall. Where children are passing you and crying. And when the police arrest you and reporters ask why you just did that, don’t say this: “I think it was pretty [Read More...]

Ellen Johnson to Speak About Madalyn Murray O’Hair

It’s been nearly two years since the former president of American Atheists Ellen Johnson has made any public appearances. That reclusion ends this weekend. In a coup that we never thought possible, New York City Atheists has managed to get Ellen Johnson, the former president of American Atheists, to come speak to us on April [Read More...]

Learning to Speak Christianese

Having trouble understanding what Christians are really saying? Now, there’s a helpful video guide, courtesy of The Thinking Atheist: There are a few more parts where that came from. (via The Radula) [Read more...]

Back in Their Burkas Again

A beautiful rendition of a song telling women to take off those oppressive burkas. The song was written by Helen Kagin and Edwin Kagin and performed at last weekend’s American Atheists convention: Just in case you want the lyrics (PDF): They’re back in their burkas again Women obeying their men No other man should ever [Read More...]