Wacky Science Spectrum

In New Zealand, 75% of the people support evolution. So you wouldn’t expect to see Kansas-like problems in neighboring Australia. However, at Pacific Hills Christian School in Sydney, students were being taught the following spectrum of beliefs in regards to evolution: Somehow, this teacher places Intelligent Design to the right of Theistic Evolutionist. That makes [Read More...]

The Best College Atheist Groups in the Country

Every year, the Secular Student Alliance gives out awards to the best campus atheist groups in the country in a variety of areas. The winning groups each receive $300 in funding; the Best Overall Affiliate receives $500. Here are this year’s winners: Best Service Project: Atheists, Agnostics, and Freethinkers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. [Read More...]

An Atheist’s Guide to Christianese

There’s a wonderful translation guide at Unreasonable Faith that lets non-Christians understand what Christians are really saying. It gives us both acceptable and unacceptable responses to the phrases: “Do you know where you’re going to go after you die?” Translation: “This is the question they told me to ask in my evangelism class.” Acceptable Response: [Read More...]

Atheists and Godparents

A dilemma posed by a reader: I have a daughter who just turned one. And I have been thinking about this dilemma since long before she was conceived. I have always liked the idea of “godparents.” Of course, being an atheist, I don’t like the god in there and their role wouldn’t be anything god-related. [Read More...]

Equal Rights for Everyone!

Except women. Because… you know… Jesus didn’t appoint one as an apostle. Therefore, screw ‘em. Says the Vatican. The Vatican issued its most explicit decree so far against the ordination of female priests on Thursday, punishing them and the bishops who try to ordain them with automatic excommunication. … A Vatican spokesman said the decree [Read More...]