This Little Girl Knows a Lot About Islam…

I don’t think that all forms of parents teaching their children about their faith should be considered brainwashing. But watch this video and then try saying that religion is harmless: What she’s doing isn’t too bad in and of itself. I doubt she knows what she’s talking about; rather, she’s just repeating what she’s been [Read More...]

Update: Duped on the Religion Panel Discussion

Looks like there’s a happy resolution to atheist Jennifer‘s situation in which she felt she was duped into speaking on a religion panel with no preparation, while the religious people on the panel seemed well-prepared and polished. [Read more...]

A New Way of Looking at the Quiverfull Movement

I’ll say this about Evolved Rationalist: She can definitely put together a presentation that will keep the audience entertained. This one is on the Quiverfull movement. I don’t remember any of my college professors ever using the phrase “epic lulz” in their powerpoints… ditto with the acronyms “ZOMG” and “STFU.” (via Evolved and Rat/i/onal) [Read more...]

Speaking Tour Reviews: Day 2

Last night, I gave a talk for the Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University. What did we learn? I cause fangirls to repress squealing, I need to put porn ads on my site to make money, and when atheists get together, God cries and causes minor flooding. Wednesday, I head to UC Berkeley! Yay for [Read More...]

Scientology + Atheism = 1Truth

Man! I knew we shouldn’t have announced this on April Fools’ Day. Now nobody’s going to believe it… Scientology and Atheism unite, ‘sexy’ worldwide demonstrations scheduled In an historic move, the surging Global Atheist Movement has officially joined forces with the controversial Church of Scientology to form a new organisation, 1Truth, capable of taking on [Read More...]