Amy Koch’s Next Press Conference?

The story in a nutshell: A Republican state senator from Minnesota, Amy Koch, resigned from her leadership position after allegations surfaced of an “inappropriate relationship” she had with a staffer. Koch is married (with one child) and had tried, unsuccessfully, to pass a bill that said “a marriage between a man and a woman is [Read More…]

Get the Tissues Ready…

If you’re having a great day today, let’s put a stop to that. Read these beautiful pieces (edited by the people behind “This American Life”) about a handful of people who died this year and whose stories may not be very well-known. The one about Richard Geller really gets to me for obvious reasons. [Read more…]

Merry Nothing

From the comic strip Bizarro by Dan Piraro. [Read more…]

Weapons in the ‘War on Christmas’

Dr Rotwang! has a list of weapons atheists can use in our “War on Christmas.” I’m a personal fan of this one since I deploy it more than any other one: WTF-1 LOOK OF SKEPTICAL DISBELIEF Still standard-issue, this year’s WTF-1 has been slightly upgraded in response to changing battlefield conditions. Extensive testing ensures that [Read More…]

Apatheists: The People Who Just Don’t Care About Religion

This issue is hard to contemplate since (I assume) most of you who read this site have a particular view about religion. Maybe you want to convince people God exists… or maybe you want to cure people of that irrational belief. But what about people who just don’t give a shit either way? Not self-described [Read More…]