This Will Scare Women Off of Sex Forever

***Update***: joethehappyheretic says that this is satire and he has proof of it … This must be the Christians’ new method of getting women to remain abstinent. Forever… I dare you to watch it with a straight face… Especially when the orange gives birth: (via The Invisible Pink Unicorn — where more of this guy’s [Read More...]

Is There Something Wrong with the “New Humanism”?

Roger Scruton of The American Spectator says his atheist parents would have been appalled by the “New Humanism”: But the vision is not that of my parents. The new humanism spends little time exalting man as an ideal. It says nothing, or next to nothing, about faith, hope, and charity; is scathing about patriotism; and [Read More...]

Where Will Ben Stein Give a Commencement Address?

Ben Stein was slated to give the commencement address at the University of Vermont — but he was replaced by Howard Dean. This happened after school officials received complaints from Richard Dawkins and several others who didn’t want to see someone who has no regard for science addressing students who do. Looks like Stein’s got [Read More...]

What Makes a Successful Humanist Community?

Dale McGowan recently visited the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture and discovered ten things that make a Humanist community successful. He goes into some depth on each item, but here is the short version of his list: 10. A great space. 9. Music. 8. Food. 7. A call to action. 6. Ritual. (Uh oh, I [Read More...]

Why Gary Goodyear Must Be Questioned About His Beliefs

Gary Goodyear is Canada’s science minister who couldn’t give a straight answer when asked if he believed in evolution. In other words, he’s probably hiding his Creationist beliefs — which means Canada’s science minister may not accept science. Dan Gardner of The Ottawa Citizen satirically defends Goodyear: I believe the earth has existed for precisely [Read More...]