Stop Calling the Shooter ‘Evil’

When so heinous an act is carried out that it falls outside the realm of normal human comprehension — like an elementary school massacre — people search desperately for “answers.” This impulse is certainly understandable. The shooter’s motives remain inscrutable, and it is very difficult to imagine what would possess anyone to systematically execute kindergartners… [Read more…]

Is Evangelical America Really in Decline?

In today’s New York Times, pastor John S. Dickerson writes about “The Decline of Evangelical America” and why that’s happening:

Dickerson (at least in this article) entirely ignores the fact that people are pushing back against evangelical Christianity because we’ve found a better alternative: Reality. Atheism and its weak cousin “spiritual-but-not-religious” are no longer unfavorable options like they used to be. You’re no longer as isolated or shunned if you say you don’t believe that churches or any one religious faith has all the answers. Emphasizing “free forgiveness” won’t help when the idea that the death of someone two thousand years ago cleanses you of your sins is laughable from the get-go. [Read more…]

The Atheist Census is Back Up and Running!

After suffering a DDoS attack, the Atheist Census is back up and ready to collect data. The heading on the page now reads: [Read more…]

We Don’t Need to Force God Into Our Schools; Mass Murders Happen in Religious Places, Too

Since Columbine, there have been dozens of mass shootings in America. For all the talk that God was kicked out of our schools and that God won’t go where he’s not wanted, it seems appropriate to mention that several of the shootings occurred at religious schools or places of worship: [Read more…]

This Atheist Display Looks Pretty Festive To Me

In Warren, Michigan, this is now the sight next to a controversial Nativity display on government property: [Read more…]