Take Advantage While You Can

The British edition of The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas is available for the Kindle for only $1.01. Get it now! (via Pharyngula) [Read more...]

Another Major Gift to an Atheist Group

Wow. Another story about an extremely generous atheist donor. That’s #3 this week! A couple days ago, I mentioned a $15,000 matching offer from software entrepreneur Ron Verstappen to the Secular Student Alliance. This comes right after Todd Stiefel‘s six-figure contribution to the American Humanist Association’s “Consider Humanism” campaign. (Which is on top of the [Read More...]

A Positive Article About an Atheist Professor

When you hear the phrase “atheist professor,” maybe this often-forwarded, untrue email comes to mind. Dr. Hector Avalos is an atheist professor and an overall good guy — an educator who isn’t biased against religious students, a Bible scholar with several books to his name, and the faculty sponsor of the Iowa State University Atheist [Read More...]

Letter to America from an Atheist in a Foxhole

Jordan Elias has a short-but-excellent open letter to America about being an atheist in a foxhole: You will not vote for me for public office, but you will let me fight your battles. You will not let me teach your children, but you will let me protect them. You will not listen when I speak, [Read More...]

A Visual Representation of Biblical Contradictions

How do you keep Christians busy for a long, long time? Get some ink and paper, print this massive PDF collection of biblical contradictions, and have them explain it. Courtesy of Sam Harris‘ Reason Project: (Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more...]