David Barton’s Revisionist History

David Barton, the Christian conman who’s revising history to have a far more Christian slant to it than it deserves — and influencing several state history curriculums in the process — was on The Daily Show last night. The extended interview is now on their website. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs [Read More...]

Gay Grammar Humor

She has two mommies, she knows her grammar, and she corrected her teacher. Coolest. Child. Ever. (via The New Yorker — cartoon by Willian Haefeli) [Read more...]

Can We Overpower the Exclamation Marks?

There are people who ask tough questions, who (at least theoretically) are willing to change their mind if the evidence points the other way, who don’t pretend to know all the answers, who can see both sides of the debate when warranted. I like those people. We need more of those people. Then, there are [Read More...]

Atheist Billboards Go Up in California

California’s getting a number of atheist billboards this month! The Orange County Coalition of Reason is putting up the traditional “Don’t believe in God? You’re not alone” billboard: Just in time, too, since they’re hosting the Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference on Sunday, May 15th. “The point of our ongoing nationwide awareness campaign is to [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Ads ‘Disappear’ in Kelowna, British Columbia

It was less than a month ago that a couple atheist bus ads went up in Kelowna, British Columbia: All of a sudden, with two weeks left to go on their contract, the two ads have just “disappeared”… Executive Director with the Centre for Inquiry says he’s been told by Lamar Advertising, it was a [Read More...]