More Stories from Atheists in Christian Workplaces

Over the weekend, this was posted at Postsecret: I’ve heard from a few of you who are in that type of predicament right now. Turns out the secret’s owner isn’t alone. From one reader: Five years ago, after growing up in and being educated in church institutions, I lost my faith. Trouble is, I’m married [Read More…]

Thoughts About Barack Obama, Sean Faircloth, and Edwina Rogers

In the wake of President Obama saying he supported same-sex marriage yesterday, most people were thrilled. I was. And why not? No American president has ever said that before and symbolic affirmation is significant. Yeah, some people weren’t impressed, but what else is new? Here’s a hypothetical: Regardless of what Obama said, what if it [Read More…]

Are You Starting Facebook Flame Wars?

Alright, how many of you see a Facebook status update regarding religion… and feel the urge to response with snark? If you do, is it even worth it? (Also, how the hell does a pig type on a computer?) (via The Atheist Pig) [Read more…]

A Christian Rock Band Fired Him for Being an Atheist; Now, He Tells His Story

Back in 2008, the popular Christian rock band Haste the Day kicked out one of its guitarists, Jason Barnes, because he was an atheist. When I posted about it then, I had no idea what prompted his deconversion. Roy Culver recently caught up with Barnes and asked him about what made him walk away from [Read More…]

There’s a Way To Help Nonbelieving Clergy Members

Ex-Pastors Teresa MacBain and Jerry DeWitt appeared on NPR’s Talk of the Nation on Monday to discuss how and why they left their faiths. The audio and transcript are now available. Here’s one of the happier moments: [Host] Neil Conan: Was there a moment when you decided you had to come clean about your beliefs? [Read More…]