The BibleThumper iPhone App

There are plenty of Bible-related iPhone applications out there, but this one is slightly different. Shake up your phone and a new Bible verse appears. An amusing, possibly-graphic, potentially-obscene, and/or violent Bible verse. Good times. The designer of the app, Francis Dierick, took this project personally. In an email, he writes: Selecting those quotes was [Read More...]

“In God We Trust” Lawsuit Dismissed

Are you sitting down? You may want to be sitting down for this. It looks like your money will continue to have “In God We Trust” written on it. The lawsuit filed by atheist Carlos Kidd against President Obama and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to remove the motto from the currency was dismissed [Read More...]

I’m Jealous of My Soul-Buyer

My friend Jim Henderson, a.k.a. “He Who Bought My Soul on eBay,” is going to be featured on an episode of This American Life this weekend! The subject: Bait and Switch. This week the theme is Bait and Switch and of course they thought about Christians. So they found Off The Map because we are [Read More...]

What Really Happened at That Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago Meeting? (Part 2)

Sunsara Taylor has responded (in three parts) to the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago’s letter that I posted earlier today. First, we have her personal response, titled “Why I Was Dis-Invited, Why I Did Not Just Shut Up And Go Away, and Why It Still Matters“: … All of this is informed by my worldview [Read More...]

Sick and Twisted Belief: A Letter from Hell

This post is by Jesse Galef – I just started my day with a dose of outrage. The notion of hell exists in many religions and denominations. If a person believed it to be torture and that his friends or family members would suffer eternally unless they converted, it makes sense for them to evangelize. [Read More...]