The Double Standard Against Barack Obama

Brother Richard at Life Without Faith wrote an article on the “Obama double standard,” about how Barack Obama is criticized for something his pastor said, but Republican candidates are not criticized for the same thing. Some background: In old sermons, Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright had made statements like this: “The government gives [African-Americans] the [Read More...]

Maybe God is a Superdelegate?

Or maybe not. We all know God is a Republican… Someone at GodTube wants you to pray for Election Day. (Spoiler: Election Day is coming. It’s on November 4th.) And on Election Day, they want you to think of Red… a symbol of hope, freedom, integrity, and the Bible. Think red. Nothing subliminal about that [Read More...]

This Guy Doesn’t Like You

Let’s analyze: Child-molesting heterosexuals are ok. Jews are fine, but Jews from that one synagogue are evil. Atheists aren’t on his list. Yay! Dykes on unicycles? Not a problem. People who watch TV more than studying the Bible make him sick… so where does that put people who watch Trinity Broadcasting Network? “Sport’s Nuts”? Who [Read More...]

Kathy Griffin Marries Couple

That sounds ambiguous… Griffin, who angered the Religious Right with her hilarious Emmy Award acceptance speech, had a request from a couple of her fans to officiate their wedding ceremony. With an ordained ministry certificate from the Universal Life Church and some paperwork from New York, Griffin was ready to preside over the wedding of [Read More...]

Holy Experiment Day

While you math and science people were busy with π-Day and Talk Like a Physicist Day festivities on 3/14, you may have missed out on Holy Experiment Day a couple weeks ago (3/4)! What does one to do celebrate? Holy Experiment Day is a day to try something religious. It is a chance to try [Read More...]